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How to deal with emotions of negativity ?

by | Jun 19, 2024 | Anger, Awareness, Elements, Emotions, Faith, Guru, Hurt, Jealousy, Karma, Karmaphalam, Maya, Prayer, Raaga/Dvesha, Sankalpa/Intention, Surrender, Vedic


I am going through storm of emotions and all negative like anger , jealousy. I feel frustrated, guess fire element is dominant. Though I tell myself it’s not me it’s the effect of fire element but it doesn’t really help. I get swayed with the emotions. But the awareness level is so high that I can see all my actions but not able to control. Please guide.



It is your karma to go through the fire. You must bake in the fire to come out like a shining piece of gold. And you will. Doesn’t matter how much the fire burns you, you maintain your stability. Emotions will come, let them come, it’s ok, the moment you recognize that this emotional expression is only because of my raaga or dvesha, let go. It will come back again. That is the nature of Maaya! You cannot stop it from coming back again. All you can do is again and again, recognize the raaga/dvesha and let go. Finally, surrender it to God/Gurudev/Lord Krishna/ Supreme Energy whatever you have faith in. Have an intention in the mind or a prayer in the heart that ‘I am unable to cope with this storm, O’ God, please make me stronger. I surrender to you, take this away from me.’

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  1. a spiritualist

    Again a very insightful post by Ektaji.

    First of the four noble truths by Buddha:
    dukkha (suffering) is an innate characteristic of existence in the realm of samsara;

    One of the most successful Hollywood actor, Jim Carrey, said this:
    “I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it’s not the answer.”

    Outside world is chaos central. Even if we get some pleasure out of it for a short while, our fickle mind will not be satiated, and will want more, better, more diversity.


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