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When I don’t know/realize that I’m living in a dream then how do I come out of the dream? – is it right to even think that I should come out (is there something outside of this ) OR think that it’s a dream n nothing matters & live in the dream?



Understand that true spirituality does not go door to door selling the Truth that it is all a dream. It was our own thirst for something higher that pulled us towards this knowledge. We are the ones who are at the receiving end.

The Guru/Ashtavakra/Patanjali/other saints are giving the Truth only to the ones who want to receive. They provide you, the end goal ‘Reach the self-realization that it is all a dream’. It’s like you are provided an end goal in a job, in your career or you set a goal for your personal financial needs, just like that spiritual masters provide us the end target only.

Now it’s unto us who are at the receiving end to work hard on ourselves to get there. We also have the freewill to not get there. No one is forcing us. Go back to the old ways of eat, work, sex, love, hate, sleep, wake up & repeat. See if you find any satisfaction there. If not, come back to spirituality and work hard again to reach the self-realization.

The Truth comes only with 100% determination, 100% commitment, 100% sincere efforts and in its own sweet time, so 100% patience is also required dear.

In life, we cannot put conditions like, ‘I want to be a millionaire in 1 month’ or ‘I want to become a famous film actor in 2 months’, life has the right to surprise you with any and every kind of downfall. Similarly, you cannot put conditions on life for attaining the supreme Truth! You just make your best efforts and leave the result to that higher power that has created it all.

Now to answer your question – Only with sincere and unfaltering, unceasing efforts on application of the spiritual knowledge, doing your own spiritual research on your own mind which is your laboratory, you can become the spiritual scientist who attains to the highest Truth. Knowing this is your choice whether you want to just ‘make-belief’ it is a dream and just live in the dream OR keep challenging yourself to understand that Truth to reach Self-realization.

If you decide to challenge yourself, you will feel that strong urge to do a self-research, go ahead nobody can stop you. Pick up the spiritual texts, meditate, do Seva, do yoga, do your Bhakti, don’t leave any stone unturned until you reach the Truth.

May you attain the Truth in this lifetime. Sukhi bhava!

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  1. lpe88

    Great post.

  2. Level0 seeker

    I am confused. I have seen life is dream (realize that I created my reality in conjunction of my karma). What I don’t understand is should I stop all effort to change my conditions or should I leave it and let life bring what is in store for me. I know attempts to change will be governed by my Raagas/ Dveshas. Can I dissolve myself (not for my ego) and do it with pure heart for greater good. Is that Ok. Please enlighten (I am lost).

  3. Level 0 seeker

    Please cross my question before. Next post explains flow. I need to drop longing/ feverishness in doing anything. Thank you. JGD.

  4. GMak

    Wow well said. Our Mind is a laboratory


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