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How much to rely on Astrology ?

by | Mar 6, 2019 | Astrology, Miscellaneous, Science, Vedic


People suggest to do few pujas and they have theories related to the puja for example: if the left flower falls then your wish will come true! Or an astrologer says something unhappy about your life then how to deal with such things and be content?


Astrology is a science and it is a very deep science that needs in depth study, remember, not every astrologist has studied so deeply, that is why many may not be reliable. Not every astrologist is a scientist. If you find a good astrologist, it may give you a fair direction towards how the 5 elements can affect you. But again, all these effects are dissolved by meditation and knowledge.

But things like “if the left flower falls then your wish will come true”, is just a farce. One must learn to distinguish between fake and truth!

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