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How is ‘human life’ different from ‘animal life’?

by | Dec 16, 2021 | Animal, Body, Craving, Desire, Freewill, General Spiritual, Intellect, Liberation, Maaya, Mind, Raaga/Dvesha, Raaga/Dvesha, Senses, Viveka


I am wondering that the ideal way to live is:

    • be in the present moment without worrying.
    • No desires even desire for liberation is not necessary as it may become a craving ragga /dvesha.
    • Everything is a happening.

Then what is the difference between us and animals? Yes, we have VIVEKA ability to discriminate between our actions good and bad. But if we don’t discriminate again we are like animals, isn’t it?



We have all evolved from microorganisms to insects to animals to humans. Human life is a bridge between animal life and the divine life. 

[Please do not imagine divine life where you will have 10 hands and wings to fly etc, all that is just mythology, ‘myth’ means that which has no reality, so let the imagination rest!] A divine life is where you are not ruled over by your mind, where you are not a slave to your senses and where this Maaya does not have a stronghold on you. That is the meaning of being enlightened! We see many enlightened beings around us like Gurudev! And there are many other divine beings around us that are doing ‘Good’ silently.

So Human life is a bridge between animal life and divine life and therefore we all exhibit signs of animals [which we were in the past life]. Somebody behaves like a mouse, someone is like a lion and someone may be a fox! When we were animals, we followed nature! In other words, the intellect was not so well developed. Nature dictated when to eat when to sleep, etc. When we move up the ladder to a human life, we are endowed with free will. Free will to choose when to eat, when to sleep, what to do, etc. Along with free will, we are blessed with Viveka! Enhancing and sharpening of ” Viveka – the power of discrimination” is required, it helps you choose between good and bad, right and wrong. It is the sign that you are human, one step up the ladder, but remember you cannot build your home on a step. You have yet to move to the top, that is where home is! You are still on the way! Do not build a home here! Move towards divinity!

How? Viveka helps you to discriminate between what will take you up the ladder and what only pushes you down below. The only obstacle on the path is your raagas and dveshas. Raagas and Dveshas trap you and don’t let you move up. Developing the skill to drop all raagas and dveshas and keep moving up the ladder is your responsibility By dropping all raaga and dveshas, when you keep moving upwards, you will come to a step on the ladder where you do not create any more agami karma. That is where you become liberated while living! Don’t stop short of that! Don’t go back to the animal state of mind…..keep moving up!

Very few and fortunate humans pick up the skill to grow out of the old patterns and move towards divinity! Keep walking the path with sincerity! Charetveti!  Don’t build your home here! This just a bridge! Charetveti! Charetveti!

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