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How does one distinguish between spontaneous and impulsive actions?

by | Jan 5, 2023 | Compassion, Flow with Life, General Spiritual, Impulsive, Karma, Present Moment, Raaga/Dvesha, Silence, Spontaneous


Act spontaneously…that is my nature I have always been spontaneous…but all spontaneous acts are not always wise decisions! I have experienced in my life whenever I have been spontaneous I have been “labeled” as “Impulsive” “foolish” for my actions.  Some actions I do regret and some I don’t because I acted based on the need of the moment!  How does one distinguish between the spontaneous and impulsive actions? Hind sight is always 20/20 but when acting spontaneously how do I distinguish?



Gahana Karmanogati – Unfathomable are the ways of karma. That’s why I say ‘just go with the flow – Act spontaneously’.

Difference between spontaneity & impulsiveness:

Spontaneous means being 100% in the present moment! Acting out of the silence of the present moment not out of the noise of the past.

Action from silence is not action out of raaga & dvesha but action out of spontaneity. Again ‘spontaneity’ is not equal to being ‘impulsive’. 

Impulsiveness itself means there is a strong raaga or dvesha. Spontaneity is acting out of your nature of compassion & love.

If there is a Raaga and Dvesha behind an action, it is impulsive. If it is from your nature of being kind, loving, helpful which is a natural state of every living being, it is spontaneous! For e.g. If I see a child just about to trip n fall, it is a natural instinct to reach out and help the child. This has no Raaga or dvesha behind it. This is spontaneous action! In another scenario, if somebody suddenly lands up purchasing 25 shirts in a single day, it is out of Raaga, that is impulsive not spontaneous. Similarly if someone just blurts out angry words, this is not spontaneous, it is out of dvesha, it is impulsive.

Only you can know if you are doing something or wanting to do something out of raga/dvesha or is it spontaneous action by your natural state of being. And once you recognize the joy of LIVING SPONTANEOUSLY moment to moment, there is no going back!

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  1. Vikash

    Hi Didi, I have realised a test for compulsiveness vs spontaneous. I am not sure of this is correct approach?
    Whenvere there there is guilt or some sort of swadhaye (self assessment) from an action/speech and a feeling is there that the action/speech may or may not have been appropriate at the time or for the situation, then I look for the cause of the raaga/dwesha within that may have caused the autonomous action or speech.
    When there are no reflections within of either a good or not so good act./speech measured over a period of time (say within few weeks), then I know that it was spontaneous and out of pure love and being the Self.
    Hence, I proactice bing in a state witness, full of awe (amazed at everything) and filled with love of everything, the way it is happening and unfolding within and around me, then I relaise that I am always spontaneous.

  2. Nilay

    Love this.. Thank you, Ektaji. 🙏


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