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How do you tell the difference between fear and intuition ?

by | Mar 6, 2019 | Fear, Guru, Just Be, Knowledge, Meditation, Meditation, Mind, Sakshi Bhav/Witness, Surrender, Thoughts, Vedic, Wisdom


I have been chanting and meditating continuously. However I’ve been feeling extremely anxious (more than normal). I try to resist negative thoughts, but they keep coming up. How do I handle this? Somehow, I can’t shake off this anxious feeling. Also, intuition and fear are 2 different qualities, How can one tell the difference?


Intuition is the product of a calm and relaxed mind. Fear is the product of an agitated mind. The difference is aparent. There is no room for confusion there.

But an intuition of something negative can lead to fear and then the same calm mind that was intuitive moments ago can become agitated.

So take a step away from your own mind and watch. Just keep observing. It doesn’t matter if it is an intution or whether it is fear. It is all ‘thought’. Surrender every thought to Gurudev and just BE! Practice being there. That is “Sakshi Bhaav”

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