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I agree and have experienced that daily regular sadhana, pranayama, meditation, chanting helps to bring awareness and stay focused. However, there are times when we go through unpleasant moments how do we stop negative thoughts right at that moment?


The meditation, chanting helps but again you are hopping on one foot. You have forgotten about Spiritual Knowledge. That’s why the difficulty is experienced by most seekers. Understanding about our own mind and how to deal with it is equally important as meditation. So let’s understand our minds a little more. Mind = Thoughts. Thoughts are of 2 types:

1. Those that you intentionally entertain and bring up and then hold on to out of your own raaga [likes] and dvesha [dislikes].
2. Those that come automatically to you from your Sanchita.

The remedy for the first type of thought is quite clearly – letting go of raaga and dvesha. Whatever is, IS! I will be with whatever is, whether I like it or not. Understand that the thought that came from raaga and dvesha is self created so your mind does not look at it as an irrelevant thought. It may be a desire of the mind and the mind clings onto the desire, this clinging brings up emotions of raaga and dvesha. This emotional involvement makes it difficult for the intellect to clearly see the truth. Constant Knowledge sessions help purify he intellect to see the truth clearly. This is called ‘training the mind’. You must join a knowledge session where we sincerely make a list of all our raagas and dveshas and then start working on them. This increases purity at the mind level.

The remedy for the thought that comes from your Sanchita is increasing awareness and dropping it understanding that it is irrelevant. For e.g. You have a Sanchita Karma with a person ‘A’. You have never met ‘A’ in this lifetime, but the moment you see him/her the first time, you experience a strange and extremely strong aversion. Understand that this is from your past Sanchita. What is required here is becoming aware immediately that it is an irrelevant Sanchita thought, let me drop it and not create any dvesha. Otherwise I will get stuck in the vicious cycle of impressions. This also required constant knowledge sessions so that the knowledge comes up at the right time. This is all called training the mind. This is the only way out, there is no other permanent solution.

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  1. Gurvi Reddy

    Thank you Ekta Ji for answering in very beautiful way. I had this question in my mind since I listened Karma session. So got it clarified now.

    Thank for the one who asked this question.

    With Love,

  2. Alba

    Very descriptive post, I enjoyed that bit. Will there be a part


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