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How do I find my True Guru?


The Guru is within you but some of us cannot recognize the internal Guru so we need an external Guru to work like a GPS and point inwards. Here are the three aspects per the Vedantic traditional texts that are essential in a true external Guru:

1] Shrotriya – well versed with the spiritual knowledge and understanding that is explained in the traditional spiritual texts.

2] Brahmanishtha – Enlightened or working full time to become Brahmanishtha.

3] Akaamnahata – Not destroyed by desire & not seeking anything from you in return

Swami Sarvapriyananda has elaborated this in a 7 min talk –

May this help everyone on their spiritual journey. Happy Gurupoornima to all spiritual seekers!

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  1. Tapashi Gupta Choudhury

    After doing sadhna also why mind is not hollow n empty


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