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Honour and respect Dukkha [Pain]!

by | Mar 20, 2020 | Death, Dukkha, Ego, Faith, Fear, Ignorance, Independent Spirituality, Karma, Karmaphalam, Raaga/Dvesha, Sukkha


Jgd didi,

Is it really true that we have a Divya Suraksha Kawaj/Divine Protection around us that is protecting us? How can I be sure about it when I know that there is something called karma which is the most powerful and when it’s time for a particular karma to sprout, nothing whatsoever can stop it? How to have an unshakable faith when I know that a strong flow of karma cannot be even stopped by my faith?

The real problem is my Fear. It is so deep that it just haunts me most of the times. Whenever I hear about somebody’s death or whenever there is a little illness in my family, there is a chain of negative thoughts in my mind.


How can the Suraksha kawaj refute the Law of Karma dear? Are you saying that dukkha [Pain] should not come to you if you have a Suraksha kawaj. This is a WRONG understanding dear.

What is a Divya Suraksha Kawaj / Divine Protection? 

  • A Suraksha kawaj is responsible for pinching you when you do wrong.
  • It is responsible for bringing your bad Karmaphalam in the form of Dukkha [Pain] drawn from your own Bad Karmas.
  • It brings you Sukha [Pleasure] and warmth when that is due to you from your own Good Karmas.

You are totally responsible for your Sukkha as well as Dukkha darling. When will you put aside your Ego and gather the courage to see this clearly?

Suraksha kawaj is for your own good. If it had not brought dukkha your way, you would have become a criminal today.


Dukkha stops you from repeating wrong things in life. If you learn from your mistakes, the Dukkha does not knock your door again. But if you choose to ignore your mistakes, dukkha follows you like a shadow. Dukkha always comes to teach you something. It is the best teacher!

Is fear a dukkha? Is fear a dvesha?

Yes, it is. Secondly, remember that fear is a dvesha too. That which gives you Dukha [Pain] is what you are averse to [have dvesha for]. There are only 2 forms of attachments. If it does not fall under raaga, it is a dvesha dear.

How to deal with Fear? Can it be wished away? 

No. You need to accept that fear is that form of Dukkha that is a part of your Karmaphalam.

  • When you keep pushing fear away, it will keep increasing in your life.
  • When you drop the aversion to it and witness its arising and passing away without reacting, its grip will become weaker on you.

You choose what you want to do dear.

The wise one will choose to be strong and just witness it as his Karmaphalam. Make ‘witnessing the fear’ your daily mantra. Honour and respect Dukkha! Honour life!

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    Wow!All your posts are very powerful and enlightening.

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