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Guru chose me or I chose the Guru?

by | Jul 7, 2022 | Dispassion, Guru, Guru, Knowledge, Maaya, Samsara, Vedic


Didi, I have heard that Guru chooses his disciples and we are not choosing our Guru. Can you please explain this.



One aspect to it is that in the ancient times, the Guru would test the disciple to see if he or she was worthy of the knowledge. That’s why it was said that the Guru chooses you. But that tradition faded away with the growth in the number of spiritual seekers that started coming to a Master. In recent times, there has been a mass movement towards spirituality. Thus, now you do not see that tradition anymore. It is assumed that anyone who comes is ripe. Ripe enough to receive this knowledge!

When does a fruit fall off a tree? Only when it has turned ripe. A raw fruit will not be able to let go of its attachment to the branches, leaves, fruit and flowers. Only one that is ripe, naturally and automatically on account of its own nature, drops off. Just like that when the mind is ripe, it starts turning away from the Samsara and looks for a Guru to guide him/her spiritually.

When you are ready, a master comes along. If you are not ready, you will not even find a Guru and will be lost in this Maaya. Thus it is said that a master chooses you. Basically when you are ripe, you will automatically fall into the lap. It just appears that the lap of the Guru chose you. But it was you who were ripe and ready, that’s why you could fall into the correct place.

Ask yourself – are you ripe or raw yet?

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    Oh My God, Simply love this profound knowledge delivered in simple words. Thank you very much.

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    Thank you – beautiful!

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