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Guru Ashtakam helps one look inwards toward the Inner Guru!

by | Jul 8, 2023 | Advaita, Bhakti, Body, Brahman, Consciousness, Direct Path, Ego, God, Guru, Illusion, Mind, Sakshi Bhav/Witness, Samadhi, Self- Realization, Upanishad


Ektaji, sometimes, I listen to Guru Astakam as it helps my mind/EGO to dissolve into Turiya or Amness. On further self-inquiry, Turiya merges back to void or Brahman. Am I going in the right direction? [YouTube link to Guru Astakam by Shankaracharya]



That’s beautiful dear. The True Guru is the Witness Consciousness. That’s why Advaita Vedanta urges the spiritual seeker to look for the Guru within not outside.


Because even if the body/mind becomes the master of all worldly materialistic things, it is of ZERO value if the body/mind does not bow down to the inner Guru, the Witness Consciousness, and recognize Turiya! If one keeps looking at the external Guru, then that itself becomes the obstacle on the seeker’s path to turn within.

What should a sincere seeker do? 

Keep bowing to the Inner Guru! A point will arrive when the Inner Guru disappears and reveals the Real God, Brahman! This is a mandatory step to self-realization! 


Adi Shankaracharya, the founder of pure Advaita Vedanta did not endorse external Bhakti [devotion] to an external idol or an external Guru. He says that the highest Bhakti is the bhakti to the inner Guru and inner God.

The people who could not recognize the witness or see the next step where the witness disappears into nothingness/void to reveal Brahman were given an idol of a God to pray to and an external Guru whose job was to help point inwards towards the inner Guru!

The main purpose of an external idol or Guru was a temporary stop-gap arrangement so the spiritual seeker could finally turn inwards and drop all external influences. Thus it is said that “When the time is right, the teacher appears; when the time is right, the teacher disappears”.

You are on the right track dear. Keep looking within! Keep dissolving within! Externally everything is an illusion including the external Guru and the external Idol of God. Look within dear! That is true Samadhi! That is the real meaning of Guru Ashtakam!


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