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JGD Didi,

I have started listening to knowledge recently and I, suddenly, realized that I have been tremendously insincere in the past.
This is bothering me too much. I want to progress on the path, please guide me on how to overcome this feeling.



JGD Dear

Let go of the past! Have you heard that saying in Hindi – jab jago tab savera! When you wake up, it’s morning. [Sounds silly in English but hopefully it conveyed the meaning].

The grip of Maaya is so strong that it is extremely difficult for a person to easily wriggle out of it. You must work hard on yourself now. No need for guilt. In fact guilt is just another form of Maaya’s attack. See that you keep walking the path of Knowledge and Meditation, keep applying the knowledge. Get out of the clutch of Maaya with the weapon of awareness. Tear through the cobwebs of Maaya and come out of that guilt.

But be aware, Maaya has multiple layers of cobwebs, you come out of one, the other is already above you. Ensure that you are always aware when Maaya takes over in the form of feverishness for family, work, friends, aspirations, money, name, fame. Just be aware and do whatever Karma brings your way without attachment.

Maaya attacks in 3 ways:
1] Maha Maaya,
2] Moha Maaya &
3] Yoga Maaya.

If you manage to deal with the material world Maaya, it will haunt you on the path of spirituality.

It does it’s job in a very discrete manner, so that an unaware Yogi walking on the path of Spirituality does not even realize that he is being attacked by Maaya. But an AWARE and SINCERE Yogi always recognizes Maaya whether it comes in the form of a lion or hidden under a sheep skin.

Awareness is your only tool. There is no other tool that can cut the cobwebs of Maaya, remember this. Thats why Saints developed techniques to sharpen the weapon of awareness. Yoga, Scriptures, Meditation, Mantras, Satsang, etc are only tools to sharpen awareness. But if you hang on to the tool and worship it by taking the lamp around it 3 times a day, will your awareness get sharpened? It won’t my dear. SHARPENING NEEDS SELF-EFFORT!

What kind of Self- effort is required on the spiritual path?

  • Reality check is a mandatory step on the spiritual path. Accept that you have been insincere and do something about it, instead of wallowing in the pus of guilt.
  • Wake up and fight the clouds of unconsciousness hovering over you. Make your awareness sharper than a knife and wake up to the TRUTH OF THE MOMENT.
  • See reality as it is, not as you want it to be, not as you not want it to be, but as it is!
  • Follow the Master’s words – Live in the present moment! This ‘present moment’ living will happen only with sharpened awareness.

There is no other short cut my dear!

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