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Ekta’s main teaching is to attain the inner silence of consciousness so that one awakens to his own inner truth.


What is the main obstacle for people to attain the silence of their own truth?

The mind’s noise is the main obstacle to attaining inner silence.


What is the mind’s noise created by?

The mind’s noise is created by the ‘craving’ or ’seeking’ tendency.


How is this mind’s tendency overcome?

    • A sincere spiritualist needs to walk the path with utmost authenticity and strive to attain inner purity.
    • Purity is attained by weakening the impurities like ‘Lobha – Greed’, ‘Dosha – Hatred’ & ‘Moha – Lust’.
    • When these tendencies thin down, mind becomes no-mind.
    • Only when the no-mind state is recognized, the truth is attained that the ‘I’ does not exist.
    • Only when one recognizes that ‘I’ does not truly exist, the noise of ‘I want’ & ‘I don’t want’ dies.
    • When this noise dies, in that space of no-mind, the inner silence of Truth reveals itself.


Who helps the sincere spiritualist in this endeavor?

A true spiritual mentor makes every effort at every cost to help him attain these inner jewels of purity.



The spiritual mentor knows that the main obstacle to the truth is the noise created by the ‘craving’ or ’seeking’ tendency of the mind.

If a teacher seeks, it gives an indirect hint to the disciple’s ego that it is okay to seek/crave too. The naive disciple immediately catches on to this hint and the mind’s noise is allowed to stay. Therefore this obstacle NEVER lets a disciple attain the highest but simplest truth. He keeps going round in circles all his life.

It would be a pointless exercise if the spiritual mentor provides the solution to a spiritualist with one hand and creates more obstacles in his mind with the other.

Therefore, the true mentor has a two-fold aspect to his own inner journey:

1] To completely overcome his own mind’s impurities first.

2] To attain the inner silence of consciousness/Truth and establish in it unshakably.

When both of these aspects are attained by the mentor, it naturally reflects in his teachings. It sends the correct message to the spiritualist. He then thrives to be like the mentor and attains the inner silence of Truth.



That is why Gnyana Sangha is not an actively fund seeking NGO. We do not charge fees in the name of suggested donations either.

    • Gnyana Sangha was NOT born out of the ’seeking’ tendency in the teacher’s mind.
    • It was born out of the thirst of serious and sincere spiritual disciples looking for their own inner Truth.
    • It is run by the sincere spiritualists who make every effort to run it out of a feeling of gratitude, devoid of seeking anything in return, not even a ‘thank you’.
    • Purity of giving matures the mind. Seeking and receiving weaken it. Graduating from ‘receiving’ to ‘giving’ is the foundation of purity of Gnyana Sangha.


Krishna did not charge Arjuna for giving him the Bhagwad Gita Gnyana.

Buddha did not charge any monk he ordained.

Neither did Ramana Maharshi, Nisargadatta Maharaj, Saint Kabir nor Guru Nanak dev. They were true givers without seeking anything in return.

The Rishis of the Upanishads did not even seek for their names to be written on the scriptures.

True spirituality has remained ever pure. Gnyana Sangha follows the same tradition.


Remember, Air, Water and Love are always free. Gnyana Sangha is pure love. Take as much as you want. Do not insult it by impure giving! Impure giving is not encouraged here. If you want to graduate to pure giving, reach out to the volunteers.


May you attain your inner truth in this very lifetime without going round in circles!

Have questions? Reach out to Ekta by clicking on the “Ask a Question” button on the left sidebar. For attending Ekta’s online knowledge sessions, click the “Gnyana Sangha” button on the left sidebar.


  1. Hemant

    Gratitude for “walking the talk”.

  2. Baskar Naidu

    Pranams. Amazing way of teaching the truth to the seekers or rather helping the serious and sincere seekers to recognizing the truth! Gratefulness is to be reflected as perseverance to pursue and commitment for consistency.

  3. Farzin Banki

    The best answer ever! I am proud of being a member of this family. Thank you, dear Ekta.
    With gratitude and devotion. 🙌🏼❤️🙌🏼


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