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If we need to stay away from thoughts and control the mind, why did god give us the mind?


God loves fun! There is no real purpose for this creation. It is all for fun. It is meant for your enjoyment. So just enjoy everything in the creation, including your own mind. Use your Viveka [power of discretion] while living this life! Using your viveka, enjoy everything in this creation with discipline and a happy heart!

Stop treating life like a war. Make it a game! It is a celebration to be enjoyed not a struggle. It becomes a struggle when we misuse the mind. Mind is only a tool provided for perception of information in your surrounding and converting it to usable data. The problem starts when we attach emotions of like [raaga] and dislike [dvesha] with this data! Here is where Viveka helps the most. Cut away the raagas and dveshas using the sword of Viveka!

Facts are facts, let them be! Cut off the extra fluff of raaga/dvesha that you have added to it. Be with the naked fact! This is the way life is! Stop questioning it, stop rejecting it. Stop passing a judgement on how it should be and how it should not be!

Just flow with the current of life! When you start flowing with the current, then the beauty of life becomes apparent.

Enjoy life by just being with ‘what is’!

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  1. Raj

    Good to hear there is no purpose 🙂


    JAI GURU DEV…… nice and sweet….…..learning lessons..

  3. Shaila

    Thank you Ektaji. Very nice attitude to have towards life. I remember Swami Anubhavananda once said-“Treat life like a vacation. Have fun and Enjoy while you are there. Keep in mind you have a limited number of days there. And don’t get attached because you are not taking anything back from there”:)

  4. Kanika

    Actually lazy soul like I think I have just want to sleep and not play the game and when are put into it struggle. Will try and remember this is just a game of wood blocks. The achievement of creating the most pretty, high castle (amusement for kids) and then letting it be.

  5. Prashant Beerakayala

    It’s a foundation breaking realization when I read something like this, especially from you Ektaji.

    Treating life like a game is a Game changer for me. My Ragga’s and Dvesha’s always come to play whenever I want to do some work. Looking forward to more knowledge. You have been an inspiration for quite a while.

  6. Anuja Rathod

    I just do not know how to be a part of any of your knowledge series, Ektaji.

    I am looking forward to joining yoga Vasista.


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