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He said, “keep searching”,
She said, “don’t stop the search”.
I searched, I searched, I searched,
And I couldn’t find anything.

Then one fine day, sitting on the green couch,
by the window, watching the sun’s golden rays,
I suddenly happened to find, what I was searching for
I finally found God!

Do you know where I found God? In my own pocket!
God lives in my pocket! I could not believe it!
Totally amazed, intrigued;
I quickly put him back into the pocket.

I remembered the words, “keep searching, keep searching”.
So I started the search again.
It didn’t matter whether I was wearing the grey formal attire,
or the white informal outfit.

I always found God in my pocket, and always put him back in,
And, restarted the search.
Because the words echoed,
“don’t stop the search, keep searching, continue searching”.

I searched thru the intellect, I searched thru the heart,
I searched thru my actions, I searched thru my words,
I searched through love, I searched through compassion.
But whenever I found God, I found him in my pocket.

And one day, something stopped completely.
Now, I did not want to put God back into my pocket.
The search had ended. Now I do not pay heed to the words,
“continue searching”. They do not mean anything to me.

I do not run here and there anymore,
Everything has come to a halt; a happy halt.
And there is peace here. The search has ended.
God now lives in my pocket!

A poem by Ekta Bathija

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  1. Sarvpriya Nayyar

    there is nothing more to do
    there is no purpose anymore

    Beautiful composition for all of us to enjoy and live.

  2. Inderjit Sharma

    Very very innovational and motivational and real path showing poem. Daily reading of this poem can take one to his goal certainly. Thanks with deep regards for sharing it for us all.

  3. Shailaja

    Such a cute and meaningful poem! Thank you Ektaji!

    Why do we keep searching outside? I heard someone explain it by this poem, “Oh God, you tricked us! You took up residence inside us. Then you turned all our senses outwards…So that we keep looking outside for you.” Totally guilty of this fault myself.

  4. Surekha Oza

    Dear Ektaji, great full for all that
    precious time I had a chance to
    spent in your presence!!🙏
    I am slowly getting there…..
    GOD is always with me 👏👏

  5. Seeker Level 0

    Lovely poem. The most hard thing is to break the conditioning and halt the search. Thanks for helping us understand it.

  6. Spiritual Seeker

    Commentary ( Bhaashyam) attempt on Ektaji’s profound poem ( please excuse any misinterpretations, since I am also a spiritual seeker):

    We are the Awareness. God is in our pocket because this Awareness is Here and Now, always available and within reach. I am Awareness at all times, formal or informal.
    Awareness is not found when we are seeking, Awareness is found when we are not seeking.

    When we don’t abide as the Awareness, then we are putting God back in the pocket. Searching through other means, such as intellect, heart, actions, words, love, compassion, etc. purifies us. They enable us to recognize ourselves as the Awareness. But we will finally find God in our pocket only, as Awareness.

    Ultimately, we get tired of searching. When we break the conditioning to ‘ Do’ or search, if we can just ‘Be’ the Awareness always, then we will find God. May we all permanently abide in the Desh (Land) of Awareness and Peace which is the abode of Ektaji 🙏🏼

    May we ask ourselves “ Am I aware?” 2000 times or 20000 times a day, as Ektaji advised in the Advaita retreat… until we are able to abide as the Awareness continuously. 🙏🏼
    May I myself follow this 😊

  7. BG

    Beautiful and meaningful poem. It truly describes our lives.
    Thank you for sharing

  8. Seth Barriner

    Excellent post. I am dealing with a few of these issues as well..

  9. Seeker

    Ektaji, is this understanding correct?

    Recognizing “I am Awareness/ Consciousness” is the first step in the spiritual journey. Abiding permanently in it is the last step.

    After recognizing “I am Awareness/ Consciousness” we cannot think: This is the essence of Vedanta.

    Why do we need more knowledge study? Because In between the first and last step, the conditioning (due to the veiling and projecting power of Maya) leads us astray. The Ego takes over often. Knowledge helps to bring us back on track each time.🙏🏼

    • Seeker

      Ektaji, one more question.
      You said we don’t have to get rid of past impressions to be the Knower.

      My question is: We have to get rid of past impressions to become constantly established in the Knowingness ( ie, always remembering that I am the Knower). Is this understanding correct?

      • Gnyana Sangha

        You have to simply withdraw the story-telling tendency of the mind to recognize continuously that you are the witness.


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