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God is on a morning walk!

by | Apr 11, 2020 | Bhagwad Gita, Feverishness, God, Illusion, Just Be, Life, Present Moment, Vedic, Wonder


You said life has no purpose. Does God also have no purpose? Why did he create us? Why did he make this entire creation? Is it all purposeless? Maybe God has some purpose. Please clarify if I am thinking correctly.


That is such a cute question! – Does God have a purpose? 🙂

God is just on a morning walk dear and he has No Goal, No Purpose, Nowhere to go. 

For example:

If you go on a morning walk, you don’t have a fixed goal. You are just walking in any direction; where ever the trees and the beautiful colours of the morning seem inviting, you go in that direction; where ever the birds are chirping, you move towards them. There is no fixed goal.

If somebody would ask you, “Where are you going?” You would say, “On a morning walk.” But if somebody insisted, “Yeah, but what is the destination? You would say, “There is NO destination. I am just walking. I am on a MORNING WALK.”

But, if you have to walk to your office, then you have a destination. When there is a destination, there is a difference in the way you walk; there is a difference in your gait; there is a difference in your speed. Because now there is a GOAL, a PURPOSE, a TARGET to achieve. The mind is completely result-oriented, feverish, restless. Do you see what I am saying?

God is perpetually on a morning walk. He has no goal, no purpose, nowhere to go.

God is not different from the birds, the wind, the planets, etc. Birds just sing. They do not have a purpose for singing or chirping. Planets just move around the sun. They do not have a goal to achieve. They are not even competing with each others’ speed around the Sun. The wind just blows, it has no purpose. Life is beautiful in itself. There is no purpose in life. This entire creation is purposeless. This entire creation, “JUST IS”. That is why in the Bhagwad Gita, this creation is called a LeelaLeela means that which just is. There is a HIGHER KIND OF JOY in just being.

Our problem is that we are result-oriented. We live for the future. Results are like the rainbow that cannot be touched. One keeps thinking, “I’ll run a little more and I’ll reach there”. And he keeps running, but the rainbow only goes further away. It never materializes into that PURE JOY that each one of us is really thirsting for. All that remains is just an abandoned house of desires.

God does not live for the future like us. HE IS THE PRESENT MOMENT ITSELF! GOD IS JOY!

When you are in PURE JOY you are closest to Godliness. God is perpetually on a morning walk because he does not have a purpose. Become like God. Make everything a game / a play. Life is really a theatre. You are on stage and you are playing a role. If you’ve seen a film, there is really nothing but light reflected in different angles that show you different people, situations and things on the film. Really, they are not there. Soon you will realize that all these people, situations and things around you are also an illusion. They are not there. There is just a Screen.

Life does not have a purpose, no goal, no destination. Don’t take life so seriously, no one came out of it alive 😉  It is all a Leela.

You be like Krishna! Sing, dance, love everyone, impart Knowledge, hide Gopis’ clothes, steal butter, help everyone, put a Smile on everybody’s face, win over enemies, spread Joy. But doing all this, always remember it is all but a play. It is all but a game. Just Be Here and Now. Then you are not different from God. You and God can both go on a morning walk together. 

Life just IS! God just IS!

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  1. Babul Nath

    Jai GuruDev
    Rely nice knowledge
    Thank you so much


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