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Go beyond Curiosity to be in the state of Wonder!

by | May 26, 2024 | Ashtavakra Gita, Awareness, Death, Emotions, Fear, Fear, Fear, Independent Spirituality, Knowledge, Mind, Prakriti, Scriptures, Sex/Passion/Celibacy, Vedic, Wonder


Dear Ekta, I am in the middle of reading Ashtavakra Gita #12 – Nature of the mind. I am actually having a bit of difficulty understanding Wonder. What is wonder? How do I identify wonder? How do I know that I am using wonder?


Wonder is a translation of aascharya. So more appropriately, it is amazement. What Ashtavakra is saying here is that move from questions to Amazement. Instead of questioning yourself about how can this desire arise in me and how can I be so fearful after being in Knowledge so long, just be amazed at the nature of the small mind. This is its nature to desire and lust. Just be amazed at it and instead of questioning it just bring it back to Knowledge and awareness.



Dear Ekta, JGD. I read the chapter “fear is like salt” and I understood the points: fear, curiosity and wonder. What I don’t understand is why curiosity and wonder are mentioned here. I understand curiosity and wonder but don’t find any connection between fear-curiosity and wonder.
Also how does one go beyond curiosity to be in the state of wonder ? Can you give an example?


It is a flow from “Ashtavakra 12- Nature of the Mind”. In that Ashtavakra says that the nature of our mind is to get stuck in 4 aspects: 1) Sex 2) Mine-ness 3) Desire and 4) Fear. He says that as you are on this path for a while now, questions will arise in you like, “Why am I still so stuck in this desire/lust?” or “Why is fear arising in me despite being in Knowledge?” etc. He says when such questions arise, turn them into wonder…. Oh ! My mind is still stuck in desire! What a wonder!

Now, What is wonder? It is simply being amazed at what is happening… e.g. when you are watching a sunset, you don’t have questions like why is the Sun so round and orange. You are just awestruck at the beauty of the orange and yellow hues of the sun and the magnanimity of the Sky, you are amazed, this is Wonder!

In Wonder, all questions drop. You become one in that moment. Therefore Ashtavakra says that when questions arise within you about Fear, just wonder! Because Fear is just a part of Prakruti, It is like a passing cloud, it comes and goes in every individual jiva (even the enlightened). The greatest fear is of losing this body. But when you are established in this knowledge that it is nothing but dropping off old clothes and getting into new fresh ones, then the fear subsides. He says fear should be like salt, just a pinch not more. That will help keep you safe and disciplined. Therefore when Fear arises in you about petty things even though you have been listening to so much knowledge, don’t question it, just wonder! Questions mean curiosity, Wonder means Amazement..Ohhh!…Ahaa!

Curiosity is when you have a lot of questions about the mind and emotions. We all had questions when we started listening to Ashtavakra and through these months, we notice that the questions have started dropping, you are moving naturally towards Wonder!

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