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JGD didi, I have been listening to the knowledge and applying the knowledge points in my life and I have started feeling the nothingness/the consciousness.  It is strange. It does not happen in meditation but it happens in knowledge.  Earlier I used to think that knowledge is only for the super intelligent but now I am getting established in knowledge.  You usually say that knowledge makes meditation deep. But for me, meditation is not deep but knowledge is deep.  How does this happen?



It means the same. Knowledge makes meditation deep so much so that your meditation happens with eyes wide open in knowledge. Let’s understand how this works.

Gnyana means knowledge and Dhyana means meditation/oneness with the consciousness.

What does Gnyana help with?

    • Gnyana helps one understand what the consciousness is.
    • Gnyana helps one gain a foothold in the union with the Self.
    • Gnyana is the path to a deeper self-realization.
    • Gnyana is the path that automatically leads one into Dhyana.

The Gnyana that leads one to Dhyana has completed its circle. If not, then Gnyana has become an obstacle.

What can be the obstacle on the path of Gnyana?

The Gnyana which only leads to Ego becomes an obstacle and it has defeated its purpose.  Many super gnyanis get lost in the maze of spirituality because of the obstacle called “I”.

You are blessed that just being in knowledge is taking you into meditation.  That is a great step.  Keep going.  Keep working on yourself. Keep going! The path of Gnyana Yoga is a really beautiful path.

Never let the obstacle of the “I” ever be your hindrance on this path. Work diligently and consistently on yourself. Applying this knowledge again and again will help you reach the highest truth that you are thirsting for!

Charet veti! Charet veti! Keep walking! Keep walking! 

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