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Fools blame others! Wise look inwards!

by | Mar 2, 2021 | Aagami, Attraction, Causation, Dukkha, Ego, General Spiritual, I, Karma, Mind, Misery, Pleasure/Pain, Prarabdha, Sanchita, Suffering, Sukkha, Vedic, You


After doing so many knowledge sessions with you, I have realized that I have a tendency to think that I am perfect and others are wrong.  My ways are correct and theirs are wrong.  I understand this is the cycle of Sanchita, Prarbdha and Agami Karma.  But what to do?  How to come out of it?


Recognize that blaming others and holding others responsible for your suffering has never gotten you out of suffering. You must have been in a difficult situation in your past, with a person at work/home/social circle.  If you can rewind the event/incidents exactly as they happened, you will see that by blaming the other person/situation/thing; you did not come out of your suffering.

In fact when you kept blaming them, you kept playing that broken record in your head for days together. And that repetition in the head increased your misery & stress & kept you away from peace.  So realize this, that we ourselves torture ourselves when we blame people, situations, and things.  

There are two laws of this creation one has to come to terms with.

  1. The Law of Opposites:  

Everything in this creation is made up of opposites. There is good/bad, happy/sad, pleasant/unpleasant, day/night, right/wrong, summer/winter, etc. Everything is made in pairs. You will not find anything that is single. So if dukha (suffering) comes to you, it in fact helps you value sukha (happiness).

Clearly whenever you have given value to something, it is only because of its opposite value troubling you. You have given value to ‘A’ only because ‘B’ has troubled you.  So RESPECT disturbances, RESPECT unpleasant things and RESPECT life AS IT IS.  Because life brings both the opposite values our way.  This is law #1: The Law of Opposite.  Respect the law!

  1. The Law of Attraction:  

The Law of Attraction is simply the Law of Karma. Whatever one sows, one will reap.  It will definitely come back.  So if you experience some disturbance with a friend/family member/work; it is because you had sown a seed in the past.  That seed has only sprouted today.  This is the Law of Attraction.  You get what you attract.

Let’s look at this in detail.

If I am a positive person who is not into the blame game and just interested in being at peace with everything in this world, I will attract peace. Definitely! Certainly!

If I am a person who keeps blaming external people/situations/things for my dukha; then my focus is outside; my focus is on people; my focus is on anger; my focus is not on peace; obviously I will attract more anger/hatred/negativity into my life.  You get exactly what you focus on.  This is the Law of Attraction.

So how to win over the Law of Opposites and the Law of Attraction?

  • Only a sensible person can recognize that ‘I am not perfect’ and can rise above his own imperfections with the help of his own humility.
  • Only a sensible person can recognize that ‘Others are not different from ME’.
  • Only a sensible person recognizes that Life brings turbulences towards all and therefore he is compassionate towards all.
  • Only a sensible person can see life AS IT IS and RESPECT the two laws.

So like the wise, drop blaming others.  You be wise.  Only fools look outside.  And only fools blame others.  Drop this finger pointing and blaming people/situations/things outside.  Start looking within.  Find that peace within and just focus on that.  When you start focusing on that, the Law of Attraction starts bringing peace to you.  The Law of Attraction starts bringing silence to you!

Happy Silence!

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