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Ektaji – Is it fair to have Dvesha to control the last impression (not to think certain thing)? If it is something out of control why not make it like “come as it comes” like spontaneously? Can we train our subconscious brain to think- not to think (e.g. people do chant to train their subconscious mind)?


No, you cannot train your mind to “not think of a certain thing”. Mind=thought. Thought is not separate from mind.

You are asking a question like – can I train my body to never experience nature’s call? It’s not possible. Similarly, you cannot train your mind to not think of a particular thought or to think only about a particular thought, at the time of death. Why?

Mechanism of Death:

It is the mechanism of death, that the strongest impression of your lifetime will automatically pop – up at the last moment.

So at the thought level, nothing can be done. You cannot cut the mind with the mind. If something needs to be done, it has to be done at another level. The only way out is to train your emotional body to drop the raagas and dveshas while living and going through them. Let go of feverishness of ‘want’ and ‘not want’ that you have harbored in your heart. Once you release the feverishness, the thoughts of like and dislike will also drop.

There is no other short-cut!

And how to release the raaga & dveshas of passion, hatred, jealousy, anger, guilt, feverishness for name, fame, aversion to someone or something, etc?

  • By Meditating regularly and carrying that silence of meditation into your daily routine. 
  • By practicing to be a witness in daily activities. 
  • By drowning yourself in spiritual knowledge, scriptures, weekly not like spiritual entertainment but sincerely implementing it.
  • By doing seva selflessly without even expecting a thanks in return
  • By participating 100% in Good company and keeping away from bad company. That is called Satsang. 

These will help you focus on the silence within. And that silence will help erase the impression of attachment to negativity or  positivity….. the goal is to be neutral, equanimous, in harmony, at peace at the time of death. And to reach that end goal, your practice must start now.

But the process happens step by step – first target negativity. Once the negativity is wiped away with these sincere efforts, you will not have this negative impression at the last moment of your life. You will have stronger positive impressions of love, compassion, goodwill, etc. But remember attachment to good also creates negativity, because once you label yourself as good, you also label someone else as bad, thus starts the negativity of judgements.

How to get out of the vicious cycle of good & bad?

Target the middle path by just being in harmony, by just being in the silence of meditation with eyes wide open. Then the impressions of silence that come from your practice will erase all raaga/dveshas and make silence as your last impression.

Work hard every moment of your life to make ‘silence’ as your last impression of this lifetime!

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