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How is fear of unknown different from the fear of death and how to come out of both these fears? Please help.



Fear of the unknown and the fear of death are essentially the same.

Understand one thing that, since you have been in this form (form=the body-mind complex), this form is all that you really know. You have not fathomed the Truth, which is beyond this form. The Truth that YOU are essentially FORMLESS!

That formless energy has the power to take the form (Birth) and to drop the form (Death). It does so in multiple reiterations again and again and again.

This formless energy is the TRUE YOU!

But why do you not know the true YOU?

That’s because you have not researched your SELF at the level of the spirit. This can happen only by going deeper into meditation and studying all the scriptures that the ancient Rishis, Sages, and the Wise-men of yesteryears have given us.

Why should one follow the scriptural knowledge given by somebody else?

Because not every mind/intellect is capable of making a scientific discovery. Otherwise, we would all be scientists but that is not the case. We need to go to school to acquire knowledge and become an expert in any field and once the learning process is complete, one can attain something higher.

Similarly on the spiritual path, one needs to do Swadhyaya – Study of the SELF. That is done by listening to the scriptural knowledge and experimenting on one self in meditation. This is what I call Spiritual Research. It is a mandatory pre-requisite on this path.

When you indulge in a sincere Spiritual Research, you will recognize that you are bigger than what you thought you were. You are not ‘Matter’. In fact, even scientists say that ‘Matter does not exist and everything is just energy’.

When you come to this highest understanding, not by listening to a scientist, not by reading the scripture, but by meditating, going deeper into the silence of the SELF and EXPERIENCING it, it becomes your own knowledge or Swabhava Gnyana. This is called Self-Realization – where you realize YOUR SELF by yourself.

Why does one fear death?

Only that person fears death who considers this body/matter as everything. The day he realizes that life is really that formless energy which is within and outside this body, the fear will drop automatically.

Knowing who you are, is knowing it all……. And once you know it ALL, there is NO UNKNOWN. Fear of unknown drops automatically.  

Here is a little poem for you:

May you come to the Ultimate Knowingness in this very lifetime!

Keep walking…. Keep walking….  

However difficult the path may seem to you, cut through the curtain of Maaya!

Keep walking…. Keep walking….

Go deeper into the Knowledge of the SELF, dive deeper into your Meditation!

Keep walking…. Keep walking….

May you experience the silence that YOU are! May you meet your own SELF very soon!

Keep walking…. Keep walking….  

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  1. Nehal Shah

    Ektaji has many good points!

    Fear of death recedes with spiritual practice. And with that, all other fears as well.
    I had irrational fear of snakes. Just looking at photos of snakes will send shivers down my spine. Over many years of spiritual practices and snake seems like any other benign animal, worthy of respect but not fear.

    A spiritual practitioner should realize that death is just moving from one state to other. Leaving one body and moving on. Then death starts having very little hold on our psyche.

    One of the best quotes I heard on death from a movie was old Amithabh Bachhans movie.

    रोते हुवे आते है सब
    हस्ता हुवा जो जायेगा
    वो मुकदर का सिकंदर कैलायेगा

    Literally translated –

    Every one comes (in the world) crying
    The one who can leave with smile on the face
    Will be destiny’s (anointed) Alexander (the great)

    So, like Ektaji said, let us keep on walking. All fears will subside. And we can plan to meet the maker with a smile on our faces.


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