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Family obstructing Spiritual progress?

by | Mar 10, 2019 | Doership, Flow with Life, General Spiritual, Just Be, Karma, Life, Present Moment, Raaga/Dvesha


Didi based on one’s karma – will the family karma be so that it can take a toll on spiritual activities – disturb one’s spiritual process/progress ? Is there something one can do? Or the only option is to be accepting and equanimous.

I just wanted to know is there any extra self effort one needs to put in such a scenario


One must learn the skill of not treating Family and Spirituality as 2 separate compartments in life. At the most they are separate bogies of the same train. They just magically change position to either run in the front of the long train as an engine or just stay at the back as a bogie. This change in position is also guided by the flow per your previous desires/actions/etc.

The more you react to a certain bogie, the longer it stays at the front and propels you in its direction whether you prefer it or not. The only magical way of changing the bogies is to just ‘Be with what is’. The bogie in the front has become an engine and is driving you in a particular direction, so be it. That is the ‘Truth of the present moment’, it could not have been different. This acceptance of the present moment ‘as it is’, brings immeasurable power.

Secondly, if a certain situation has arisen, it is a test. Don’t consider any situation as irrelevant and coincidental…No! No! The flow will always guide you in the right direction of spiritual growth [even if the front engine is a family situation, it is a test of your spiritual progress]. The Flow always tells you what is the right action to take in any situation in the first GO itself. It will be the first thought/idea/image that will guide you.

Learn to follow the flow, then you will find answers to all your questions automatically because the flow propels you in a particular direction to take a decision. But remember that your own raaga/dvesha towards your front engine [family in this case] can become your own hindrance. Right answers come from the first thrust of the flow, the wrong ones comes from justification of the intellect covering the likes/dislikes of the mind.

The only self-effort you need to make is of ‘dropping the effort’ and recognizing the flow by just being a witness.

May you find the answer within!

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