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Everything is programmed! Quit the self-foolery!

by | Apr 17, 2022 | Advaita, Awareness, Body, Direct Path, Doership, Emotions, Gnyana, I, Illusion, Kabir, Knowledge, Mind, Personality, Self, Thoughts, Truth, Upanishad


One of my friends asked me if as Advaitins so we plan but I found it hard to explain to her that everything is happening as it’s already programmed. The doer-ship is a false assumption. How do I explain this to a non-Advaitin?



You cannot advise a non-Advaitin that you don’t have to make any plans or decisions. Why?

    • A non-Advaitin believes that he is the body and will question if the body does action, then how is he not the doer?
    • A non-Advaitin believes that he is the mind and will question if the mind has thoughts that arise and fall, then how is he not the thinker or decision-maker?
    • A non-Advaitin believes that he is the heart full of emotion and will question if the heart has pleasant and unpleasant feelings, then how is he not the experiencer?
    • A non-Advaitin believes that there is a separate world of people, situations, and things, out there that exists independently. He will question that if the world is perceived then how is he not the perceiver?  

This false belief that one is the body-mind personality in an inherently independent world is the main issue for spiritualists who have not yet embraced the Advaita knowledge in their own personal direct experience.

Only by diving into the direct experience of Advaita is it possible for a spiritualist to recognize that I am the awareness itself in which there is the appearance and disappearance of a body-mind personality and its personal world. As a non-Advaitin has not yet walked the path of direct experience, it is not possible to explain this to a non-Advaitin, my dear. Quit giving free Gnyana [knowledge] when NOT even asked for. Stop the uninvited charity!

Focus on yourself. Wake up and see what is your current stand. If the stand is the personal ‘I’, then you need to correct that first. Otherwise all Advaita knowledge goes down the drain and you are left with a big ZERO. If there is no personal ‘I’, there is no ‘other’ who needs to be given this knowledge. Wake up and see it all as your own projection.

Every time you get caught up in the world and forget that it is illusory, it will be a good idea to refresh your base and strengthen your Advaita Level I knowledge –

When you recognize that you are the Awareness, then only the next step of understanding that you cannot act, you cannot do, you cannot think arises. Then you clearly see that you are the light of Awareness. Remain as that! Be at Peace! Then only can you recognize that everything happens automatically, everything is programmed!

Then the self-foolery drops… Saint Kabir says “Sadho! Dhokha kaaso kahiye?” Who is deceiving whom? 

See the truth! Everything is programmed! Quit the self-foolery!


#AdvaitaVedanta #Non-duality #MandukyaUpanishad

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  1. Arun Aggarwal

    Ekta didi what a wonderful explanation. I do see the ocean of knowledge you are pointing and try not to get stuck at your hand which is pointing to the ocean of knowledge. Still my naman to you. I would say this is the best explanation of Advaita Vedanta

  2. Vikash

    Thank you Didi. It is a raaga that has become bedded within me. In the name of samaj sewa, the sharing spiritual knowledge, talking about God and his past times (Katha parchaar) are good deeds.
    Ever since I started doing Advaita Level 1, I have been watching the raaga playing within me, creating the thought of I know this/that, the rising of the urge to tell tales, the satisfaction of being the Knower.
    I AM working on it consciously, watching and being in the I AM, the Witness, the stillness and silence. I can see it has a very strong hold.

    • Sushma Kumari

      Thank you Ektaji.
      I am sooo grateful to you. I am cleaning up myself infact try to deep clean. Some stains are hard some easy. I also am aware of the wind in me coming and leaving dust and then I am blowing it away. Thanks for the courage you have given me. 🙏🙏🙏❤️


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