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Everything is but a vibration. Matter does not exist!

by | Sep 16, 2021 | Body, Consciousness, Existence, I, Matter, Science, Vedic, Vibration


JGD Ekthaji, Reference: YG page 25 para 3 – Vasishtha is talking to Rama on the vibrations and their impact. Does the vibration here means the event(s) that are occurring to this body-consciousness in order to experience the ignorance and later the Glory?



Do you remember the pool of consciousness process that we did during the Upanishads weekend? At the beginning of creation, we were all just a single pool of consciousness. Just like one calm, immobile, serene lake. No current, no ripples, no movement at all. Just a quiet immovable infinite nothingness existed! Then in that nothingness on account of Maaya, there was the first vibration of “I”. This first vibration is called Visnu. Visnu is the maintainer of all that exists, therefore, Visnu is born first. (Please refrain from imagining somebody clad in animal skin with a jata on the head etc). Visnu is just the first vibration/impulse in Brahman. Then Brahma was born, the creator impulse and the rest of the beings were born out of it.

We are nothing but vibrations, that’s it. Every plant, animal, rock, human, insect, fish, paper, table, computer, sun, planets, etc. Everything is but a vibration. Matter does not exist!

Matter can be divided into various degrees of these vibrations:

    • Solid = Vibrations extremely close together, consolidated almost.
    • Liquid = Vibrations spaced out a little more than solid but less than the gaseous state.
    • Gas = Vibrations spaced out far away.

Everything and everyone is just a vibration in that infinite consciousness! Quantum Mechanics has been researching on the same and has called everything just a wave. This is one place where both Science and Spirituality shake hands!

Look carefully at this computer….. it is not matter… Matter does NOT exist!

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  1. Meena

    When we close our eyes we feel sensation in our body
    Is the same vibration only


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