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Embalming the Dead Body….Right or Wrong?

by | Feb 18, 2019 | Body, Choice, Death, General Spiritual, Paths, Relationship, Rituals, Samsara


After somebody dies we request for embalming the body, so that we can prevent its decay for a couple of days, until all the relatives reach the funeral. My question is are we hurting the soul in anyways? Is the soul going to feel or realize this? Are we harming the soul’s sensitivities? Please help.


It is a personal choice whether you want to embalm the dead body of your relative, friend or close person; but though you are embalming, you should know the reason why you are doing it.

Essentially the reason is ‘I’.

‘I’ want closure. ‘I’ want to see that dead body before it is cremated or buried. What does this mean? Just for your own closure, the other person’s body has to wait to undergo cremation.

Mantras chanted at the Funeral:

Secondly, when we cremate the body according to our traditional rituals, we chant the Mantras and tell the soul that, Let the earth element in your body go and unite with the earth element of the creation. Let the air element release from your body and unite with the air element of the Universe. Let go of the Fire element and let it unite with the Fire of the universe and let the Water element in your body seep out and unite with the Water of the universe. This body has no essence. You are not the body.’ 

The purpose of Mantras:

Mantras help the soul come to an acceptance that:

  • Its birth in that particular body has come to an end and
  • It must move on now.
  • It is no more a part of the mortal world.

Effect of Embalming on the Soul:

On account of embalming, the mantras chanting process gets pushed out. There is no evidence whether that, in turn, prolongs the process for the soul to get released from this samsara [world] or not.

It is said that some souls do not accept death easily and can get trapped in between this mortal world and the other side. This happens only to the souls that are not spiritually evolved and have not studied about what happens at death and what a soul is supposed to do after death. For the benefit of such souls, the mantra chanting might be the only ray of light in a dark tunnel.

After having understood this, it is up to you to make that decision whether you want to prolong that process or not. The choice is yours!

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