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Dear Didi, I tend to be influenced by those who are having too much fun and less awareness and don’t take the spiritual path seriously. I feel that we are not even eligible to learn this beautiful knowledge from Gurudev. He is so compassionate towards us in giving it, and yet we take it for granted. I have dwesha towards those people who are taking it very lightly. Could you please guide me to dispel such clouds? Thank you.


It is very normal for a Sincere Seeker to want to walk the path with 100% Self-effort. That’s an excellent attribute. Your sincerity will get you there, definitely.

Be cautious, there is a downside to ‘Sincerity’ and that is called the ‘Ego of a Yogi’. 

Ego of a Yogi condemns those who are NOT able to take it seriously and do not have the strength of sincerity to walk the spiritual path.

This can be a big obstacle on the path to enlightenment. If you are extremely serious about your path, you have to make additional efforts in dropping judgments.

How to drop judging them?

  1. Have Compassion for them: Many people think they are walking the path with a Guru, but they are there only for spiritual leisure or spiritual entertainment. By taking it casually, the path will be longer as they might land up wasting this lifetime. Be compassionate towards their ignorance.
  2. Treat them as Free Lessons: Look at these people and learn your lesson. If you don’t learn, you will have to undergo an event that comes as your teacher, in future. Remind the mind, this is how I should NOT be
  3. Be humble: Humility is the art of keeping the Ego in check, preventing it from getting pumped up. The ‘Ego of a Yogi’ is the seed for the vicious devilish tree called Yoga Maya, that only gives further fruits and seeds of Negative Karma. This Yoga Maya becomes an obstacle for a Sincere Seeker. To become free of Yoga Maya, one must strive hard to overcome past habit patterns. Drop judgments. Drop dwesha!
  4. Turn your focus within: Right now your focus is outwards on those people around you who are not taking the spiritual path seriously. Inner focus will definitely help raise you higher to the heights where the Guru wants to take you.

Realize this ‘judgement tendency’ is just a little symptom of the disease called Yoga Maaya. You have to be your own doctor and cure the disease by yourself. The Maya of yoga can be stronger than Maha Maaya and Moha Maaya. It can take you away from your own path.

How to recognize the pitfalls of YogaMaaya?

Pitfall 1: I am better than…

Ego becomes high and makes one believe that I am spiritually higher than those who are not sincere on this path. It starts condemning others.

Pitfall 2: I don’t need to…

The ego will start giving you leeway and say, it is ok not to do Sadhana or waste hours in front of the tv without food, sleep because you are a yogi who has attained heights in spiritual progress.

Pitfall 3: I do not care for…

Your relationship with others will become unpleasant because of the uncaring attitude born out of Ego.

Pitfall 4: I know it all…

The most dangerous is the ‘I know it all’ stage of Yoga Maya where you start feeling higher than Gurus, Teachers and Scriptures. That is the end of your spiritual growth. There is a no bigger disaster on the path of spiritual evolution than this Yoga Maya. ‘I know’ is the biggest disease on this path which has proved to be an obstacle for many.

Time for a reality check – Out of these four pitfalls has anything happened to you? Is there anything blocking your progress?

Remember YOU are more important than your own EGO. So focus entirely on yourSELF. If you focus 100% on yourSELF on the spiritual path, you CAN attain the highest and ultimate TRUTH in this lifetime.

Sukhi Bhava!

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    Hello! Would you mind if I share your blog with my zynga group? There’s a lot of people that I think would really appreciate your content. Please let me know. Thanks

    • Ekta


      • Asha kumari

        Ong…..I have been through all this

        Thank you for putting this together Ekta ji
        Really grateful to have read this


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