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Ego got you in! Ego gets you out!

by | Aug 10, 2021 | Ego, Emptiness, I, Independent Spirituality, Just Be, Meditation, No-Mind, Self


JGD Didi, my whole life is a cycle of I’s (Egos).. it is a sine curve of I’s and the people, situations and things are only a tool to help me recognize the ‘I’ fluctuation. If it’s been all about the ‘I’, how can one be selfish about his/her ‘self-realization’ and be 100% selfish. What difference is it from the one who was ignorant to the one who is slowly recognizing the root of all being as ‘I’?


Like I have explained before dear, for a Gnyana Yogi, the journey is from ‘I’ to ‘Nothingness’.

It is very difficult for him to directly drop the ‘I’. He slowly moves from ‘I’ to just being with his own-self [in meditation] and attaining the final Shoonyata [Zero-mind] where even the ‘I’ drops.

Thus automatically his path is only ‘full of himself to ‘I’ to ‘full of himself’ to getting tired of ‘I’ to learning to ‘just be’ to finally just just ‘being’ to ‘Shoonyata’.

When he attains Shoonyata, he sees the same Shoonyata in everyone and his 100% selfishness itself turns into 100% selflessness.

You can only walk the path that you know dear. You cannot walk that which is not to your taste dear. If you cannot tolerate the taste of ‘Bhava’, you cannot attain it through ‘You’ when you are totally an ‘I’ person. You can only attain it through ‘I’… got it?


Questioner’s Statement:

Yes… ‘Bhava’ doesn’t come naturally to me yet. Seva doesn’t come naturally to me yet, even with a purity of intention. Fullness doesn’t come naturally to me as I see everything as empty and then get into trouble.

Only ‘I’ can dissolve ‘I’ just like only ‘You’ can dissolve ‘you’. It’s like mathematical negation!


Yes, similar to the Homeopathy principle ‘Like cures Like’.


Questioner’s Statement:

Yes.. the unlike teaches one to recognize what the ‘I’ can’t see, so the ‘I’ can work with the ‘I’. I am seeing the unlike from an unlike person/situation.

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