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There is an expectation to take up additional tasks (at work) as the role requires it.
As a spiritual practitioner, I have noticed desires reducing in me automatically and now I have no desire to do extra/more tasks aiming at promotion or to please the management unless I am assigned a task. Is not doing things proactively in the above case is considered unwholesome?


What is Un-wholesome?

We have been constantly bound by conditioning.

When we were little children, we were naturally attracted to being like our parents. Therefore, we had desires to achieve/attain like them. This was childhood conditioning.

When we grew up and met other teenagers, we noticed they received appreciation by being cool so we wanted to ape them. This was teenage conditioning.

When we became adults, we wanted to attain/achieve like other adults around us, name, fame, relationships, respect, job, career, title, etc. That was adult conditioning.

When we step onto the spiritual path, initially we want to attain spiritual recognition, friendship, titles, etc. This is called spiritual conditioning.

The Maaya of conditioning is so strong that very few can manage to wriggle out of its tight grip. This conditioning and the rat-race that it makes us all run leaves behind an inner environment that does not feel pure or clean. It is sometimes full of negativity of jealousy, competition, hatred, anger, etc. This is unwholesomeness. If you are feeling unwholesome then you will know it by the pinch/pang that you feel inside you while at work.

What is Wholesome?

Few fortunate ones figure out that TRUTH that lies deeper than the superficial rites, rituals, techniques of the material world as well as the spiritual world.

By delving deeper one arrives at a point where one recognizes the biggest Truth about LIFE – Everyone is conditioned by their own CRAVING. Craving exists both on the material path as well as the spiritual path. This Truth shakes the Ego initially but slowly the fake mansion of craving starts crumbling down.

The so-called feverishness to attain/achieve starts seeming very futile. This is called ‘slowing down of the mind’ and is very natural on the spiritual path with absolutely sincere spiritual practitioners. It brings a wholesome inner environment full of calmness, non-feverishness, quiet, non-craving, non-lusting, non-harm, etc.

Bring out the Balance [Tarazu]

So pat yourself on the back if it is out of that that you do not seem to be feverish at work. As this happens as a natural progression, it fills you up with a Peace [sukoon] that you are not ready to trade for fulfilling a petty desire. It is completely wholesome because it takes you way away from negativity and closer to a pure inner environment.

If you are feeling unwholesome, then probably it is not that. It must be some Dvesha [aversion] towards office/boss/etc.

Only you can dive within yourself and recognize your Truth dear. Weigh your own personal inner environment on the balance [tarazu] of wholesomeness Vs unwholesomeness.

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