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Drop holding onto external supports in life!

by | Feb 28, 2019 | Awareness, Bondage, Buddha, Freedom, Relationship, Self- Realization


If everything is changing then how do I live? What am I supposed to hold onto to go through this life?


Beautiful question dear! Very few people even realize that they are holding on to something or someone. This in itself is a huge realization! Really huge! This is the first step. Once you understand that you are holding on to people or situations or things, you will wake up.

This awakening itself makes you realize that you have created your own bondage.

If you are holding on to a family member, friend, etc. he/she becomes your bondage. If you are holding on to a situation like name, fame, etc. or hoping for a future situation, that becomes your bondage. If you are holding on to a thing, like a home, car, gadget, that becomes your bondage. The wise one realizes that every pleasure comes with a tax. The tax is the bondage. And where there is bondage, it takes away your freedom.

Freedom to be what you are, freedom to be who you truly are, is lost. You are not the name your body has. You are not the qualification that you have earned. You are not the relationship label that has been put on you by your relatives. You are not the body even, nor the mind. All this bondage is the cause of your being stuck in the cycle of birth and death. Once you break out of bondage, you will break out of the cycle of birth and death.

Therefore, if you are a sincere spiritual seeker, you will stop looking for something or someone to hold onto. You will gather the courage to walk the path of life without any strings. The mind keeps looking for something to hold onto. The wise ones recognize this poor tendency of the mind and give it up.

The path of spirituality is only for the courageous one!

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  1. Sushma Srivastava

    Really a beautiful explanation for a beautiful question. JAIGURUDEV. 🌹🍁


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