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Namaste Ektaji:

Is it possible that I am shuttling between the two viewpoints? When I am the Witness/Void, I am in Ajaata-vada viewpoint? When I get pulled out by the mind and get involved in the drama, then I am in Drishti-Srishti-vada? Thanks!



Drishti Srishti Vaad:

    • Is a clear understanding that one is the Witnessing void
    • There is an underlying belief that Brahman functions as the mind and projects one’s illusory world.
    • The world is an illusion but the illusion still exists.
    • The Witnessing and the witnessed arise and fall together.
    • There is a subtle duality still existing between the witness and the witnessed.
    • This is a less radical stage/approach than Ajata.


Ajaata Vaad:

    • There is the recognition of the Primordial Void. [Brahman/Shunyata].
    • There is 100% clarity that the world does not exist.
    • It is a higher understanding that sets in only when one becomes 100% clear that there is only Brahman/Shunyata and nothing else.
    • There is no shuttling there because duality is completely overcome.
    • Ramana Maharshi said that personally, his understanding was that of Ajaata Vaad and the only medium of instruction at that level is total silence.


In both Vaads, the recognition of ‘I am Brahman’ is clear for the Sadhak [spiritualist].

When one is involved in the Samsaric drama, one has moved back to Avidya [Ignorance] dear. He is neither in Drishti-Srishti nor Ajaata, not even in Srishti-Drishti, as there is no witnessing happening there at all.


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