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Dear Ektadi,
During the transition from the dreaming state to the waking state, the transformation of the thoughts into dream images stops suddenly. It is like while knitting the yarn suddenly runs out. It is as if the thoughts don’t get a background or glue to get pasted on. The mind asks, “what then?”, but there is no more knitting. What is this yarn or what makes the thoughts turn into images at times and then suddenly not? Can this happen in the waking state as well? That would be the beginning of the transition into the deep sleep state, wouldn’t it?



Yes, that’s correct, when transitioning from the dream state into the deep sleep state, everything disappears [thoughts + images].

In the waking state too, when you are imagining things, sometimes there are images only, sometimes there are thoughts only, sometimes there are images+thoughts and sometimes everything disappears.


What makes thoughts turn into images and suddenly vanish? 

Hope it is clear that there is only you-the-consciousness. All that is, is your own projection.

Projection happens on its own, on account of forgetfulness of your own true nature. Forgetfulness also leads to the development of false belief in the illusory projection. You have believed your own projection.


As you start the path of self-inquiry, it becomes clear to you that you are projecting the illusion. As the projection happens at a very subtle level, it’s not possible for you to know beyond a point how the projection happens, how it proceeds, what propels it to accelerate, what propels it to vanish. It is programmed by you before you can experience it. You always see the final movie, never the shooting [making] of the film.


Finally, there is only the ultimate state of the Primordial Awareness or Pure Consciousness in the end. That is who you are! All thoughts and images vanish into you-the-nothingness.

Now attempt to just BE that nobody and stop dissecting the illusory projection. An illusion is an illusion, no point analyzing it, dear!


#AtmaNirvriti #AtmanandaKrishnaMenon #AdvaitaVedanta #Non-Duality

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  1. BEING T

    Why is the body mind still being projected When one reaches Primordial awareness, pure consciousness?

    • Ekta Bathija

      The projections will never stop, that is a silly expectation. If the body, mind and world were to die at enlightenment, nobody would know about enlightenment. Awakening would be equal to Death.

      All that happens at the highest level is that the identification with the projections will end at Final Awakening. The waves stop bothering. The waves cannot stop arising in the ocean. Only The Ocean is seen as the Totality. But get there through your direct seeing. This question has arisen from intellectual reasoning, rise higher to the level of the witness and see. Only See!


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