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Dear Ekatji,
I have a concern about whether I should be vaccinated or not I am really not sure. My life is being the same before the pandemic and now during this pandemic, my life is so simple I am not in the rush for things to be like before the pandemic, I am know nothing will be the same and I am not affected by that. But now my employer is making it mandatory for the employees to be vaccinated. I am not sure what to do at this point please any advice will help me. Another question let say if I get vaccinated probably my body and mind will be affected BUT The SELF WILL NOT IS THAT CORRECT? Sorry, dear Ektaji to bother you with this question. I even have a headache just thinking about this situation.



Yes, that is correct, you-the-self will never get affected by the vaccine. Only the body-mind gets affected. This needs to be explored experientially dear.

When you get vaccinated, attempt to see this experientially:

    • The soreness, fatigue, pain, etc is only at the body level. I-the-witness of the body am untouched by the soreness, fatigue, etc.
    • The story about the ‘side effects of the vaccine’ exists only at the thought level. I-the-witness of the thought am untouched by the story.
    • The feeling of sadness, unpleasantness exists only at the feeling level. I-the-witness am beyond pleasure and displeasure.

Only self-inquiry and self-exploration are the way to self-realization dear so use this opportunity to move ahead on the path to Brahman! This is Srishti Drishti Vaad!

Lastly, everyone knows you as a noble person who is always sensitive to other people’s feelings both in professional and personal relationships, now is the opportunity to extend that compassion to the entire humanity. Any person that you come in contact with on your way to work or in the office, can get potentially affected by you if you are the carrier of the virus. Hence to protect them, take on this responsibility to be someone who does not disregard the safety of others. This is an opportunity to practice Karma Yog!

Take up the responsibility for your own practice of Srishti Drishti Vaad and Karma Yog! Happy practicing!

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    Ektaji, you are our guiding light🙏🏼


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