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Some have very strong desires and need sex anywhere between 2/3 times a week. Some have not had sex in months. Some are frustrated that one of the partner initiates all the time. Some have never had great need for sex right from a very young age. Some talk about having sex into their 60s and 70s. Does being spirituality and meditation reduce the need for sex? Is it karma? Has one had so much sex in the past that they have transcended it?



Being in spirituality, one recognizes ones unnecessary raagas(likes) and dveshas(dislikes). One recognizes that life is not a race to be won. One recognizes that life is not a struggle. One starts enjoying and celebrating life, once the feverishness to achieve and maintain drops off. One naturally starts relaxing in life’s ups and downs, once the feverishness to reject drops off.

But this does not happen to every spiritual seeker. Only the few lucky ones develop a deep thirst to understand their own minds and emotions and transcend their own mind and emotions. Only the sincere ones develop the ability to be able to even understand “Purusha”(Self) just a little bit. Until one is lost in the Maaya of this Prakriti(Material or form), one cannot even come close to the understanding of the “Purusha”.

When the hold of this Maaya of Prakriti falls off, one naturally becomes dispassionate about the things/people/situations that one used to feverishly run after or run away from. This is a natural maturity of the mind! When this maturity occurs, one starts being with what is! Because, what is, IS!

There is no specific age when this maturity occurs. It may occur in childhood or adulthood old age or not in this lifetime at all. Once it occurs, you do carry this maturity to your next lifetime. That’s why some people are not so feverish about people/situations/things, they are happy come what may! This maturity may be in context to people, or attachment to things or sex or any other situation even. Such ones are blessed! They have risen from Physical sex to the Sex of the Soul/Purusha!

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    Jai guru dev very thorough information 🙏👌


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