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Some more explanation on ‘planning happens in the present moment’ will be helpful to me.  Often, when I am walking [morning walk] or meditating, a thought or an idea arises on what needs to be done to resolve a current issue, without any intentional planning/thinking.


Did you notice that you said that a thought just comes during your morning walk or meditating, this is when you are totally relaxed. That’s called an intuitive thought. That is a good way to work too. Never ignore intuition, it usually comes without any initiative and that is the way to recognize intuition from your own craving/aversions.


Planning comes into play when one is devoid of intuition.


When you sit to plan, for e.g. just take your excel sheet and put down how you are going to go about it, it is important to be in the present moment. Only if you are in the present moment, can you put your thoughts down properly. If you are lost in emotions of anxiety and fear of the future, you will make an error of judgement and your plan will not be perfect. Therefore, planning happens well only when you are in the present moment.

Once planning is complete, you need to put in your 100% and work towards it. You cannot put in your 100% unless you are in the present moment. Thus action also happens in the present moment.

So the entire event from ‘planning to action’ happens in the present moment. Where is the room for future? The mistake we make is that we keep fantasizing. Fantasy is always in the future. You can never be in the present when fantasizing…… which also means that you cannot be productive when you are fantasizing……. which also means it is just a waste of time and waste of mind. Got it?

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