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Does Karma have a say in Greencard processing ?

by | Mar 7, 2019 | Aagami, Flow with Life, Impressions, Impulsive, Just Be, Karma, Karmaphalam, Niyati, Raaga/Dvesha, Reaction, Sakshi Bhav/Witness, Spontaneous, Vedic


How should I look at this situation. We has filed for Green Card in 2013 and the labor is still in Audit since the response sent in Nov 2013. Don’t know when the Audit would be cleared. According to the Immigration rules they have to respond within 2 years of the response given i.e. by Nov 2015.

Now his H1-B is getting extended by a year every year on the basis of labor filed. He can drop this case and refile a new labor but then he will go out of status in that process. We can explore options where if we move out of the country and go to Canada, he can refile maybe this time in EB2.

So going with the fact to “ACT SPONTANEOUSLY”without ragaa/dwehsa for the existing process, I am still under dilemma.
If by Karma, we have to get the labor approved maybe in months, then should we dodge the current situation and will that help the situation or just stick with what we have. If by family Karma, we have to live here then we would but if we have to move out of the country we would anyways do in spite of that fact whether we get the green card status.

I recollected that to meditate, to see GOD in everything, to live in present moment, we require a SKILL. In such situations, how do we act with SKILL?


It is not possible to know what is your family karma – whether to stay in USA or Canada? whether to get the GC now or in a few years? Gahana Karmanogati – Unfathomable are the ways of karma. That’s why I say ‘just go with the flow – Act spontaneously’.

What that means is not acting out of raaga & dvesha but acting out of spontaneity. Again spontaneously is not equal to being impulsive. Impulsiveness itself means there is a strong raaga or dvesha. Spontaneity is acting out of your nature of compassion & love.

If there is a Raaga n Dvesha behind an action, it is impulsive. If it is from your nature of being kind, loving, helpful which is a natural state of every living being, it is spontaneous! For e.g. If I see a child just about to trip n fall, it is a natural instinct to reach out and help the child. This has no Raaga or dvesha behind it. This is spontaneous action! In another scenario, if somebody suddenly lands up purchasing 100 shirts in a single day, it is out of Raaga, that is impulsive. Similarly if someone just blurts out angry words, this is not spontaneous, it is out of dvesha, it is impulsive. Only you can know if you are doing something or wanting to do something out of raga/dvesha or is it spontaneous action by your natural state of being. Do you get what I am saying?

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