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Does a fleeting thought create karma?

by | Jan 20, 2022 | Aagami, Attachment, Impressions, Independent Spirituality, Karma, Raaga/Dvesha, Thoughts


If we have a fleeting thought, which is a negative thought about someone, does it create an attachment due to the dvesha or does it have to be continuous thoughts incessantly one after another about the dvesha for that person to create an attachment?  Which one creates Karma, the fleeting thought or the incessant thought or both?  Please help.



Fleeting thought: 

Fleeting thoughts can come and go for several reasons.  I could have a fleeting thought because of the vibrations of a particular place.  I might be surrounded by a negativity in that particular place and therefore, there could be a fleeting negative thought, image or idea that may come to the mind and may pass away.  There could be many external factors evoking fleeting thoughts.

For example, you are just walking on the road and all of a sudden, you see an ugly site on the road.  You feel irked after seeing the ugly site, but then you move on.  It was a fleeting thought/a fleeting sensation that you experienced but you did not hold on to it.  So basically, fleeting thoughts do not create long lasting impressions in you PROVIDED you do not hold on to them. Holding ON = creating impressions in your consciousness of raaga [like] or dvesha [dislike]. Impressions are Karma.  As long as an impression is not created, there is no future karma that will come from that particular impression.

Incessant thought:  A consistent thought, where you are incessantly thinking about how much you hate a particular person, it will definitely create an impression and it will lead to a future karma sprout. Got it?

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