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Doership in dreamzzzz….

by | Mar 6, 2019 | Birth, Consciousness, Death, Doership, Dreams, Fear, Scriptures, Self, Vedic, Yoga Vasistha


Please would you explain “paragraph 1, p75 of Yoga Vasishtha – by Swami Venkatesananda”.



Let’s assume, Mohit is dreaming in which there might be flying angels that he likes and demons that he hates. The angels and demons are non-different from Mohit. They are all the making of Mohit’s mind. The angels and demons (Mohit) is really not doing anything nor experiencing anything as it is only a dream. Thus he is not the doer nor the experiencer. Yet he becomes the doer when he assumes doership of dreaming. Thus both opposites exist in him – doership and non-doership. Similarly, though the Self is neither the doer of actions nor the experiencer of experiences, it is still the doer of actions and experiencer of experiences. Got it?

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