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Dear Didi, I want to join your Gurukul system, but I know that I am far from being eligible right now. I am too attached to this Samsara and my yearning is not strong enough for the highest truth. What are the requirements for someone to be admitted to Gurukul? I know it is invite-only basis. How do I qualify? Lastly, do you test your students before you admit them to Gurukul?



Gnyana Sangha has certain pre-requisites before admitting a student to the Gurukul system. Let’s look at them together:

 1] Purpose:

One must be clear as to why one wants to join the Gurukul system.

    • This is not a mental wellness center.
    • This is not a physical disease eradication clinic.
    • This is not a miraculous technique/spiritual object shop.
    • This is not a spiritual shop that sells happiness and contentment.
    • This is not a scriptural study class, nor a philosophical debate avenue nor a book-reading group.
    • This is definitely not a cult where millions are conditioned to worship a central individual ‘God-like’ figure’.

If one is looking for these material world so-called spiritual avenues, there are myriad of them out there.

Who is the Gurukul system for?

    • If the sole purpose of your life is ‘Enlightenment’, then you are the right candidate for Gnyana Sangha.

2] Methodology:

There cannot be a One-size-fits-all methodology to reach Awakening as every individual is different and carves his own path. That is why individual attention especially at the last stages of the journey is essential. For the same:

    • Experiential recognition of the truth through Swapna Nidra Gnyana [Experiential knowledge of sleep & dreams] is the basis of the teaching.
    • Experiential recognition is given primary importance and intellectual understanding is only secondary as there is a BIG difference between intellectual understanding and experiential recognition.
    • ‘Dropping all past conditioning to unmask reality as it is’ is the main goal of experiential recognition.

 3] Qualifications:

 What disqualifies a participant:

    • Lack of interest in experiential self-inquiry and self-exploration.
    • Lack of earnestness to repeat the knowledge to strengthen one’s foundation when required.
    • Lack of basic dispassion to drop all past conditioning despite knowing them as a blocker of the Truth.
    • Lack of sincerity towards one’s pursuit for the truth.
    • Lack of tenacity to keep chugging in difficult times.
    • Lack of honesty in evaluating one’s own spiritual progress.
    • Lack of humility to accept the Ego’s shortcomings.
    • Above all, the lack of yearning for the highest truth.

 What qualifies a participant:

    • If you feel like a fish out of water without finding out the highest truth, you are the most qualified student. Ramakrishna described this yearning as ‘Vyakulata’. Nisargadatta described it as ‘Talmali’.

 4] Test:

    • Every real experiential path teacher will test the student as they do NOT do business of Truth. [Satya ke vyapaar ko dhanda kehte hai, gnyan nahi].
    • Therefore the need to filter in the participants by testing their experiential recognition of the basics is a mandatory requirement for the experiential path teacher.
    • This enables the teacher to find the ‘ripe’ ones to help cross the ocean while the raw ones are advised to strengthen their foundation in Gnyana.
    • This seems new as it contrasts with spiritual shop teachers who do NOT test the students as the focus is on their money, not on their enlightenment.

5] Enrollment process: 

    • Every participant must complete the Advaita level I & level II videos from the website along with self-explorations, homework, quizzes, and examination before applying to Gurukul.
    • Advaita page –
    • Apply by sending an email with your Advaita I & II exam papers attached to

6] Fees:

Your enlightenment is your Gurudakshina! Nothing less than that will do! Keep your money in your pocket, it’s dust in Gnyana-land!

About Gnyana Sangha: 

    • Gnyana Sangha never looks to increase its participants or followers. Truth does NOT need publicity. That which needs publicity is NOT the Truth.
    • Those who are truly thirsty, automatically start searching for water and eventually find the reservoir to quench their thirst. One who needs it will definitely find it.
    • The teaching takes one from a ‘beggar-like-mind’ that only wants to receive TO a ‘king-like-mind’ that is full of generous giving to the world.

Last piece of advice:

If you are looking for a spiritual shop, march along. There are myriad avenues available out there. You are welcome to return when you are ready for a test and ready to die to attain enlightenment! Nothing short of that will do here! Do not expect that your Ego will be mollycoddled or massaged here. It will be poked again and again until it withers and dies to reveal the true stillness that is YOU. That is the only way that a ‘new YOU’ can be reborn. This requires a true yearning to know your true self, tremendous courage to let go of old beliefs, surrender to the process of shedding old conditioning, and humility to accept reality as it is. Return when you have these 4 wealths! The doors of Gnyana Sangha are always open for the sincere seeker of Truth!

May you be happy!


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