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Do we accumulate karma if we scold loved ones for doing wrong?

by | Sep 1, 2021 | Attachment, Children, Children, Emotions, Impressions, Karma, Parent/Child, Reaction, Thoughts, Vedic


Do we accumulate karma if we scold loved ones or try to correct them when they do something wrong?



Again Karmas are not caused out of the action or thought, but Karmas are caused by the attachment/emotion associated with the action or thought. Therefore, if you scold a child to prevent him from putting his hand into the fire, it is just a show of anger. In your heart you are really not angry. Then you have not collected any karma and you have corrected the situation. Always remember, it is a skill to use firm speech or a higher tone of voice where required just to be able to correct the situation without harboring any negativity in your heart. You must learn to develop this skill as it will help keep your own karma bag light 😉

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