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Do not get attached to the spiritual mentor!

by | Jun 26, 2022 | Advaita, Attachment, Awareness, Body, Consciousness, Direct Path, Dreams, Dvaita, Ego, Form, God, Guru, I, Let go, Love, Mind, Rituals, Scriptures, Seeking, Upanishad, You


Ektaji is the Consciousness. Sometimes she manifests as the form of a teacher teaching us. At other times, she manifests as any other person in front of us, be it a family member, friend, or stranger. They are all Ektaji. We are also the Consciousness. There is no separation. From the point of view of the body/mind: All body/ mind/ egos are within Consciousness. Hence Ektaji repeatedly says to the one who is seeking her, “I am right by your side.”



My dear girl,
As much as I am moved by your love, I would also like to bring your attention to the point that ‘Ekta’ is a Naam-Rupa [name-form] belonging to this waking-dream world. The name of this waking-dream body-mind is Ekta. I am not Ekta. I am Consciousness. Consciousness has no name in reality. The Consciousness here is the same as the Consciousness there. Just like the space in Germany is the same space as in the USA.

Consciousness is beyond the waking-dream world. I am beyond the waking-dream world. You are beyond the waking-dream world. What do you do when you realize that what you were so attached to was only a dream, you let it go, right? Therefore, it would be beneficial for everyone on the Advaita path to let go of their attachments to this waking-dream world as well as the contents of this waking-dream world. ‘Ekta’ the body-mind is a content of this waking-dream world, my dear.

Therefore, one must drop all Dvaitam conditioning including the attachment to a spiritual teacher / spiritual mentor / spiritual Guru / Idol of any God / Scriptures / Rites / Rituals, etc. With this new unconditioned perspective, if you look carefully, you will see that everything is only Consciousness – ISHAVASYA IDAM SARVAM. ALL THIS IS PERVADED BY CONSCIOUSNESS ONLY.

That Consciousness is you and me and everyone together not an individual entity. In fact, there is no ‘I’ and no ‘You’. Take a step beyond the body-mind complexes and recognize the field of consciousness/awareness in which the waking dream is currently manifested.

Soon the waking-dream will end and the sleeping-dream will begin where there will be different body-mind complexes. Recognize that the field of awareness/consciousness that is experiencing the sleeping dream is the same as the one experiencing the waking-dream. That field of awareness is the highest truth. That is what you are, not the body-mind complex that you think you are. Similarly, I am not Ekta, that is only a label given to the body-mind complex.

Experiment right now instead of simply believing me blindly.

Look beyond the body-mind right now and recognize that you are the awareness in which you are experiencing a body-mind reading this message through the peephole called ‘eyes on the body’. You can easily recognize that you are the Consciousness / Awareness that is beyond the body-mind because you experience the dream-world which is devoid of this waking-world body-mind. Then how can you be the body-mind? How can I be ‘Ekta’, the name of this body-mind? You and I, both are that infinite field of awareness that is NAMELESS! 

Advaita is as simple as that. You & I, are the NAMELESS Consciousness! Everything is pervaded by the NAMELESS Consciousness! Period!


#AdvaitaVedanta #Non-duality #MandukyaUpanishad

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  1. Vikash

    Thank you Didi. So beautifully explained.

    • Xyria

      Can the awareness experience the world without body memory and mind? Ekta ji.
      Can you give the existence of awareness without body mind and memory? Or to simplify in a dead body??

      Don’t you think awareness comes to know of itself because of the experience of the world??

      • Gnyana Sangha

        Awareness cannot be known nor perceived. It simply IS! When Awareness drops the illusions of being a body-mind in the world and rests as itself, it simply IS! Dive deeper into this dear.


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