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Do impressions get released during contemplation meditation as well?

by | Oct 16, 2022 | Advaita, Atma Nirvriti, Atmananda, Aversion, Craving, Direct Path, Doubts, Ego, Impressions, Knowledge, Meditation, Mind, Raaga/Dvesha, Self-Effort


While doing the Nisargadatta Contemplations [], I noticed a release. Do impressions get released during contemplation meditation as well?



Yes dear. The key is that whenever one withdraws from the chit-chat of the mind and rests as the witness, the impressions get released. It can happen while in meditation while listening to knowledge or even while practicing Nidhidhyasa in one’s daily routine.


What are impressions in the mind? How were they created?

    • When you ‘like/dislike’ something and keep thinking about it creating pleasant stories in the mind, you are constantly hitting that craving on the ‘sands of the mind’ [a poetic reference to thought/feeling].
    • The constant hit on the sands creates impressions of craving/aversion.
    • Repeated thought/speech/action related to the craving/aversion creates habit patterns.
    • Habit patterns become your normal behavior.

This is the journey from a Vriti [thought of ‘like/dislike’] to Sanskar [impression determining behavior pattern].


How can these impressions be erased? 

    • Whenever cravings arise and attempt to create a story, one must be vigilant to chose to withdraw from it.
    • The control of that particular story dampens by your withdrawal.
    • With the repeated withdrawal, the craving weakens.
    • The impression of the craving drops off/gets released.

This is a TOTALLY experiential fact. Please do NOT believe the above theory blindly because Ekta is telling you. Please make an attempt to examine this truth.


How will you examine it? 

    • Withdraw from a story creation pattern all day today.
    • You will notice a reduction of the similar-story attacks the next day if you continue withdrawal attempts.
    • The consequent attacks of that story keep reducing day by day.
    • Soon, that particular craving will completely lose its control over you.


You must test it out for yourself. Why? 

    • Only proper self-examining leads to proper results of inner insight [seeing it for yourself].
    • Only insight leads to the removal of all kinds of possible doubts.
    • Only the complete removal of doubts leads to a strong conviction to continue on the path.
    • This conviction is the only tool that can help you attain the bliss of Satchidananda!


Why should one not believe it blindly without testing it out?

    • If you don’t test and examine for yourself, you will be pushing yourself into a ‘blind-faith’ pit.
    • The Ego is the ruler of this pit. Its main occupation is story-creation.
    • The Ego will knit a new story around the ‘theory’ and you will be lost in another story-creation-trap.
    • Because of the skillful Ego, you will have a zillion doubts emerge out of the blind faith in the theory.
    • Once it has sown the seed of doubt, it will dissuade you from self-examining and self-exploration by more story-creation.
    • Therefore, always examine what you hear and learn on this path, to arrive at a crystal clear understanding. That will pave the clear path for you free of doubts.

So, let’s attempt to cut down these weaknesses with the sword of self-exploration. Start now!


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  1. May

    Tremendously helpful, thank you Ektaji.

  2. Vinaya Walimbe

    Thank you so much Didi for giving perfect insight and wisdom!! Ever grateful to this path, knowledge and you 🙏♥️🕉️


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