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Dive into self-inquiry… don’t stop short!

by | May 19, 2024 | Advaita, Body, Consciousness, Direct Path, Ego, Gnyana, Grateful, Knowledge, Mind, Sakshi Bhav/Witness, Sensations, Suffering, Truth, Upanishad


Thank you Didi for explaining and bringing all the precious knowledge, the truth, and the reality of who we are and how to end this mind/ego suffering, very very grateful. After practicing listening to the ‘Anhad Naad’, I can recognize the Naad in not-so-busy moments. Today in the afternoon I slept listening to the Naad and after some time I became a little awake and for the first time, ‘I-the-witness consciousness’ witnessed the mass of sensations called the body rise and fall. It was an ‘Ahaa’ moment for me.



That’s wonderful dear. But don’t stop at the experience merely. The next step for a true Advaitin is to analyze his ‘seeing’ and attain clarity. The path of Advaita is NOT for getting high on ‘experiences’. On this path, experiences are a window for the Gnyana to dawn.

Now dive in further with the following self-inquiry!

Ask yourself the following questions:
– What or Who recognized the mass of sensations, arise and fall?
– Can I turn away from the object [sensation] towards the subject [the observer]?
– Is it possible to see the witness consciousness?
– Is it possible to follow the Witness?
– What happens when the witness is followed?

Experiment and find out dear! This is where your self-inquiry begins. This is not the end. So don’t stop short.

Keep chugging! I am right by your side!


#AdvaitaVedanta #Non-duality #MandukyaUpanishad

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  1. Jaspreet B

    Thanks Ektaji 🙏

  2. Rakesh Pande

    Where can I find the naad medititation


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