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Dear Ektaji, For an Enlightened Being, is the Deep sleep state the biggest as he/she is in Awareness ALL the time?



A beginner only knows the three states of waking-dreaming-deep sleep. Therefore, at the beginning stages, of Advaita teachings, it is okay to look at it like that that the Enlightened being is always in the deep sleep state.

But once a seeker moves higher, it is taught that ‘the Enlightened one is in the Primordial Awareness/Pure Consciousness all the time’. It is the 4th state called Turiya!

Let’s understand the difference:

On the path of Advaita Vedanta:

    • Deep sleep state = causal body = Womb of Ignorance = Maaya. This is the potential seed state whence from appears the Maaya of the dream & waking states, so it is the womb of Maaya.
    • Turiya/Primordial Awareness is the I-principle that is present as the underlying substratum of the waking, dreaming & deep sleep states. It is the ground of all the 3 states.

This will experientially become clearer as you establish more in the witnessing awareness and attain to a state where you notice the witness collapse. Then only Pure Primordial Awareness or Pure Consciousness remains. The Enlightened one is always abiding in that Purity and that is called Turiya, the 4th state.

How does one get to the Turiya state, that which is truly our home?

On your spiritual journey, you will get to a stage where you recognize:

    • that YOU are the background screen on which the images of this Samsara play and you can simply witness them without judging, evaluating, labeling.
    • that you cannot budge from your stand as the awareness and always remain untouched and untainted.
    • that YOU ARE choice-less awareness.

With that last recognition, all else drops, only Awareness/Consciousness remains. Then you have reached home!


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