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Everything around me seems to go against me. My son has been sitting doing NOTHING since he graduated. My brother has been fighting a fierce divorce case with his wife and lost his home, money, kids and job. My father has shut himself up. My mother remains in deep pain and misery due to the miserable conditions of all of her kids. My sister decided that she does not want to talk to anyone in the family. My other son has anxiety problems and is on medication. My wife has tried to find a job for many years but failed. My in-laws ill treat me.

I read every word of all the knowledge and try to apply all of it in my life. I still get sucked into depression and want to end this life so that I do not have to live with so much pain and misery. Please suggest something so that I can keep my sanity to live without thoughts of suicide.



Here are the steps to follow whenever you find yourself surrounded by suicidal or negative thoughts.

Step 1 – Understanding and reinforcing the following principles:

    • Principle of Life and Death:

If you try to swim against the strong current of a river, you experience the extreme force of water. That extreme force can drown you easily only because you are struggling with it. When do you float and not drown??? when you let go of the struggle, stretch your hands out and relax, then you float.

Understand this that the water does not fight with you. You are the one that struggles with it. Similarly, life has a current of its own. The wise one recognizes this current and flows along with it, not against it.

As discussed in the Karma session, suicide is an act that will only increase your pain as you will be going against the laws of nature, against the current of life. Every thing happens in its own time, even death. If you try to push anything, you suffer. If one commits suicide, one comes back in a more miserable body/situation that he was trying to escape from. The tax is manifold, therefore never even think about committing suicide.

    • Principle of Family Karma:

Some people have a strong family karma. Family karma is like a bank loan that you inherit. You must repay the principal with interest. That is the only way to come out clear. If you do not repay and instead declare yourself bankrupt or your house is foreclosed on, you will have to pay a heavier price and the scar will remain for a long time. So however tough it might be, come out clear! Because if you don’t, it will follow you for lifetimes. Might as well, pay it off and be done with it.

    • Principle of Pleasure and Pain:
The simple equation of life is Pleasure = Pain. They are two sides of the same coin. They must cancel each other. Simple mathematics! Life has its ups and downs. We must have the courage to face the downs just like we love to enjoy the ups, because opposite values complement each other. Doing so, we will learn to come to terms with what is! What is, IS!
    •  Principle tendency of the mind:
The mind is the one that weakens us. It always focuses on the negative. It overlooks the positive. Recognize this tendency of the mind. There are millions of people living below poverty line on this planet, you are luckier than them. There are thousands living in areas of terror, you have a comfortable life in the US. There are thousands of people suffering from terminal diseases, you are luckier than them. Instead of focusing on the positives, the mind only holds on to the negatives. Recognizing this tendency is a sign of the wise!

Step 2 –  Reinforcing the principles and disciplining the mind:

Is just understanding these principles sufficient? NO. One must learn to discipline the mind.
    • Discipline the mind:
Once you understand the above principles thoroughly, you must start applying them. Practicals are more important than Theory. Every time your mind brings up negativity, ignore it like you would ignore a stubborn kid throwing tantrums to get his way out. That will help discipline the mind. We never discipline it. Instead, we let the mind drown us into emotions. Recognize that the circus is created by the mind. It brings up imaginary monkeys and plays a monkey-drama, pulling you into it. Take a step back and stay strong.
Remember to tell your mind, “Not my circus, not my monkeys”! Soon, the mind will get the message. Remind yourself of the 4 principles again and again.
    •  Repetitive discipline is essential: Until a point comes where you are no more a slave to the negative tendencies of the mind, keep repeating it. Why? Because the mind is a slow learner, it takes some time to train it. But remain assured, once your mind is trained, the monkeys as well as the circus will disappear just like a mirage of a desert disappears. You will regain your strength to face Life as it is.
STEP 3]- Lastly, keep reminding yourself, what is, IS! Be with what IS!
The good, the bad, the ugly are all part and parcel of my own karma. So let me be with what is. What is, IS! Have faith in that higher power, it has taken care of you until now. It will continue to do the needful! Have FAITH! What is, IS!
Print out this answer and hang it up near your bed, read it every morning. The mind needs continuous reinforcement. That will help you move away from the negativity (like suicidal thoughts) created by the mind.

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  1. Sushma Srivastava

    Truly inspiring and motivating message.Jaigurudev

  2. heera bari

    yes guruji im applying this knowledge with my problems n really I’m happy.its ur grace n blessings

  3. Vinaya


  4. Noreen Propst

    I really like your article. It’s evident that you have a lot knowledge on this topic. Your points are well made and relatable. Thanks for writing engaging and interesting material.

  5. Shankar. Ramaswamy

    Depression comes from inability to accept present moment as is and resulting vision and impotence to overcome it.

    Increasing prana by fitness and pranayama at physical level, improving mind control by focus ( concentration, japa) and relaxation (meditation) at mental level,
    Embracing and Remembering Positive Feelings at Emotional Level
    Increasing Faith- I am bigger than whatever happens to me, I can Face Anything in Trusting Him , at a Spiritual Level

    All Four are required to overwhelm depression. The Low Vibrational Frequency of the body at suicidal level can only be coutered by becoming more alive and having high Vibrational Frequency at physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level….


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