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What is Daivam, Niyati & Purushartha? The further we go into Yoga Vashishtha the more confused I get… specially with this Now it depends on the intensity of your commitment whether your Purushartha wins over your Daivam or not” – Is Daivam, Nyati? Is everything that is happening, everything that I am doing (or not doing) Nyati?… and is it all preset before we come?… and if it is so, then how can Purushartha win over Daivam? Just when I think I am getting it… I realize that i am not!



Whenever I do an action (speech/physical action/thought) attached with Raaga & Dwesha, it creates an impression of that attachment in my consciousness, which will result in the fruit of action in its due time. The due time can be 10 days or a life time or 15 life times, nobody knows. It is like a seed and every seed takes its own time to mature. For Example: A sunflower seed may take 4 months to produce flowers, but a mango seed might take 12 years to give its fruit, just like that every action gives its fruit in its due time.

Where does this impression sit during this waiting time period? Where is the waiting room?

The impression that is created in the consciousness becomes my Daivam. Daivam is nothing but an account of my impressions of my own karma’s from the past. Sooner or later this Daivam is going to yield its fruit/end result. 

Who decides what impression will result in which particular effect?

That is Niyati. Niyati is like the Director/CEO that creates the policies/procedures of how and when Karma will produce its results and in what intensity will it come to you. It is ordained by Niyati that Daivam will sprout sooner or later!

If Daivam is bound to come my way, does Purushartha have any weightage?

Yes, if my Daivam is to experience a very obnoxious person from my past life time, that person will definitely come my way. It has been ordained by Niyati when & how that person will come my way, how long will he/she stay and when will my karma with him/her end.

When the person comes my way that is called my Daivam

My Purushartha is to apply the spiritual knowledge very sincerely and not to react to that obnoxious person. If I keep reacting with Raaga or Dvesha, I will create more Agami seeds [future Karma] which will in turn lead to the appearance of the same person in the future.

If I want to cut my karma with this person, I have to learn to act responsibly in the present moment when ever I am experiencing my current Karma. This free will to act responsibly/to act spontaneously devoid of raaga/dvesha is called Purushartha.

Purushartha is nothing but my current effort that can help me override the impressions of my Daivam from the past. It’s totally in my hands to make my purushartha win over Daivam.

The language of losers is to say, “Its my Daivam, I have to go through it”.

Winners always say, “I’ll do my Purushartha and not create any more Agami seeds.”

May your Purushartha win over your Daivam!

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