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Crossing through the dark clouds of Maaya!

by | Jan 19, 2021 | Awareness, Courage, Impressions, Independent Spirituality, Knowledge, Maaya, Meditation, Truth


I am practicing being more and more aware. In spite of being aware that my particular Karma or action will create a future karma, my mind gets stuck suddenly and I land up creating an aagami karma seed. How is it that some events create deep Impressions and some do not? Please help me understand.


It is all the Magic Of Maaya. Maaya is stronger than you think.

For Example, The Sun is always out in the day time. On some days it is behind those dark gray clouds. Those clouds are so thick, that even though the sun is shining scorching bright and hot, you can’t see it.

Maaya is just like that. These dark clouds are the clouds of maaya. Maaya prevents you from seeing the truth. The truth that is the shining sun. We all go through stages of evolution while climbing the spiritual ladder. When we are on the lower steps of the spiritual evolution the sun is always behind the gray clouds. You never see the sun, you do not even understand that the Sun exists. You just see dark gray clouds of Maaya. It is day-time but it is still not very bright for you.

How to overcome this MAAYA?

Only with awareness is it possible to overcome Maaya. There is no other shortcut. It might sound like a simple word but it’s not less than summiting the highest peak of Mount Everest.

How to increase and sharpen awareness?

Awareness is sharpened only through spiritual knowledge and meditation.Just meditation will not do it. Just Knowledge will not do it. How long can you hop on one foot? Both feet are required to run at rocket speed. Therefore, you need both knowledge and meditation.

Meditation calms the mind down, makes it silent. When you reach that state of silence you become like a sponge and you are ready to absorb the water of knowledge. Knowledge seeps in deeper and faster after a meditative state. When you fathom depths of the vast ocean of spiritual knowledge, you come to an automatic meditative state with eyes open. This meditative state helps you bring Knowledge into your daily life. Going deeper into knowledge helps you go into an even deeper meditation.

This process continues:

Meditation deepens knowledge.

Knowledge deepens meditation.

Meditation deepens knowledge.

This takes you to a major milestone on the spiritual path – self-knowledge.

What is Self-Knowledge? 

When I understand and realize something out of my own experience, it is my self-knowledge. It is not the knowledge from an external source like scriptures/guru/teacher. It comes from within me.

In this process, the by-product is chiseling of awareness. When the awareness sharpens, it automatically cuts through the Clouds of Maaya, just like a knife would smoothly cut through butter. Slowly and gradually, these gray clouds start to vanish. And one day you reach the other side of the thick curtain of clouds where you see the sun shining.

Keep moving on this path courageously. It may be long and challenging, but it is the most satiating experience possible in a human life. One day you will be able to tear open this curtain of Maaya and attain a state where impressions are never created out of unawareness again!

It might take a long time depending on your karma and the intensity of your effort to cut your own karma. Be ready for a long journey! Sukhi bhava!

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  1. Padma Murthy

    Every morning I and my husband read the tidbits and answers from the people’s questions. Today’s answer for aagami karma seed made me to do my SAADHANA – even more. What a simple way of teaching and showing the way towards the knowledge. I am so lucky to have come to know you recently. Thank you 🙏🏽 🙏🏽🙏🏽


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