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Ektaji JGD, I have over the years read many stories of children being brutally violated and it sickens me. I cannot believe or wrap my mind around the idea that these children are reaping the fruits of their past karma. Is it not possible that one is innocent and something atrocious happens to them and not as a result of a karmic consequence?



Karma is mathematics. Can mathematics be wrong? NO. Similarly Karma cannot be wrong. 2+2 is always 4. Just like that every cause leads to an effect and every effect in turn becomes a cause and leads to another effect. This is called the Law of cause & effect or Law of Karma.

Niyati [Karma’s messenger] brings to us exactly what we deserve…. no more….. no less. Period!

Our job is to realize this highest truth about the Law of Karma and work very hard to drop any raagas and dveshas that we create towards the consequences we face. Just be with what is… because what is, IS! Being with what is does not mean do not take action. Do whatever is required in that situation to correct it and then be unconditional with God or Karma or Niyati… this is the meaning of ‘Being with what IS’!

It seems very harsh but it’s true. Why do we find it harsh?

Reality check – Death wipes away all memories of the past lifetime so when the new birth is taken, we cannot relate the karmas created previously to the consequences experienced thereafter. Therefore we find it harsh.

But imagine if you were given a super power so that you could see all the past karmas of a person……. then one day he dies and then……. he is reborn & experiences the consequences in the future birth. If you got the power to see it all like a continuous film, you would say it’s fair.

It’s only our limited vision that blocks our understanding and makes us feel it is harsh.



Your superpower point drove it home. So how should one face consequences of past Karmas?



Be unconditional! How?

You don’t put a condition on the Law of gravity to not act on you when you are about to trip and fall. You don’t put a condition on the sun to not shine on you when you are thirsty and lost in a desert. You don’t put a condition on the rain/snow to not wet you on a day when you are sick. You accept the laws of creation that affect your body AS THEY ARE, right?

Just like that accept the laws of this creation that affect your mind AS THEY ARE.
The law of Karma and Niyati IS! Accept it, as it is! Be with what is! Being with what is, means non-reaction to events/people/situations in life… be in Sambhava – equanimous emotion to everything and everyone. Do not give power to anything or anyone to take away your smile.

Only YOU can do it by BEING WITH WHAT IS! This is the only way out. If you are looking for a shortcut there isn’t one. The laws of creation do not have loopholes, got it?

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  1. Naila

    Dear Ekta Bathija,

    I was not able to participate in the online sessions, but I read this knowledge quite regularly. It really helps to stay centered 😀 Thank you very much for what you do! We all really need it..

  2. Mridu

    Jai Gurudev, Ektaji. My question is, since the new birth forgets about the past life’s deeds, if the person is not a Hindu (or someone who doesn’t believe in Karma) doesn’t the suffering go waste? Isn’t it like punishing a person who has had a memory loss and he is still punished for something he had done before the memory loss? He wouldn’t feel remorse instead will have self pity that he is being punished for no fault of his. In that case the affect of Karma would it serve the purpose?

    • Ekta Bathija

      Every religion has the understanding of the Law of cause & effect. They don’t have to understand the word Karma. In Christianity, it is said as, “As you sow, so shall you reap”. Read up a little bit on other religions dear. They all say the same thing. The laws of the universe were not created by man so they cannot be altered irrespective of what you call them by.

      Karma is fair to one and all, whether you get it or you don’t. It is what it is!

      • Mridu

        Of course there is the concept of “what you sow so shall you reap” in other religions. But since most of the non Indian origin religions don’t believe in reincarnation it would be difficult to understand why a new born child should suffer. I understand that it is what it is, but not accepting it as Karma (even from previous births) would be what results in more suffering.

        • Ekta Bathija

          Yes, it’s a part of their own journey dear. You think about yours now 😊

          • Mridu

            Thanks. I am still stumbling and trying to find my way around in this path. with questions coming up every now and then. All because of my Karma I am sure 😊

          • Ekta Bathija

            Keep walking dear. I am by your side. 😊

          • Mridu

            Thanks so much. I was just thinking that if I can experience that state of the untouched, non-doer, witness, Karma doesn’t matter to me anymore. That would be liberation!

    • teksopetro

      JAI GURU DEV……. DIDI….
      I AM LEARNING TOOMUCH…. HOW TO LIVE IN SMILE…. on watching. Your playlists of

  3. Kiran

    Jgd Didi… Thanks for sharing this knowledge…Feel lighter…


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