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If my entire life, I keep on thinking about my raagas and dveshas and try to remove all the karma that I have created in the past, it will take billions of lifetimes and I will never be able to empty my karma bag. Is that the purpose of the raaga dvesha process?



No, that is not the purpose. The most important thing is to realize, Oh! I have a lot of raagas and dveshas.

Why do I give importance to realization?

    • The nature of the mind is cunningness! There is an appropriate term in Hindi ” Kapti Mann”. Our mind is kapti, it is cunning. For eg: you decide, I am going to sleep early tonight…I am going to wake up in the morning tomorrow and go for a jog..I am going to wake up at 6:00 AM. You get into bed early, you prepare everything, put your jogging shoes out, set the alarm for 5:30 AM so you have some time to get ready and leave. What happens when the alarm goes at 5:30 AM? Mind says, or the Kapti Mind says, Oh.. not today, it’s very cold…maybe some other day…let me sleep just a little more. Doesn’t this happen with all of us?

What happened to that person who made that resolve in the night that he is going to wake up in the morning. The person remains the same. It is the state of our minds that keeps changing. Now there is nobody to blame here but I, myself.  I have done this to myself. If I learn to recognize “oh! This is the quality of my mind” and because of this Chhal Kapat (Deceit) or cunningness of the mind, I tend to crave for something or I tend to push away something.

I hate somebody, I want to push that person away. I like something and I want it and I want it so much that I crave, crave, crave to possess it. So this like-dislike, like-dislike, raaga-dvesha creates a lot of karma for me. So if I start recognizing that, this is a raaga and this is a dvesha and this is what can create a future karmic cycle for me, then I will learn to stop at recognition.

Why do I not learn to stop at recognition?

Only because, my mind is very very weak. Now, what is the meaning of a weak mind? The quality of a weak mind is lack of awareness. We are living our lives almost unconsciously. We are doing all actions because there is really nothing else to do. Because what would you do if you don’t do this. There is a certain kind of unconsciousness in every action that we do. Don’t you recognize this, that suddenly you wake up for a second from this unconsciousness and you say “is this real or is this a dream?”… why is this even happening to me… what does this mean. But these moments of questioning are very few, they last a very short time. We give up on the contemplation of these moments and we go back into our unconscious state, hasn’t this been happening with you?

So this unconscious state of living is called Maaya! This is ignorance! Now to pull myself out of maaya, I really need to make an effort to learn to live in the present moment, learn to be more and more aware, here and now, the appropriate word in Hindi – Hosh mein jeena, Behosh ji rahein hain ( we are living unconsciously). Be more and more aware. The more awareness sharpens in life, the less you give into a raaga or dvesha and you tend to stop your further karmic cycle.

Do you understand the importance of the raaga dvesha process now?

The past is past, it’s gone. You cannot change what happened. But now, let’s start walking in the present moment. When I learn to be established in the present moment, my future automatically becomes beautiful.

May you gain the courage to go beyond all your raagas and dveshas. Jai Guru Dev!

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