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Hello Dear Ekta, in the Ramana Maharishi’s Guru videos you asked us whether we recognize the four stages of creation and manifestation of a personal universe, thru

    • Sankalpa – [Inclination/attraction]
    • Kaama – [Lusting ceaselessly]
    • Karma – [repetition/ memory]
    • Karma-phalam – [Manifestation]

And then you asked us to turn inwards and Do nothing, Just Be! And by simply withdrawing from Vrittis/images created in the mind, we will stop initiation, creation, and projection.

In Saint Kabir’s teaching on Death, you also told us that we are in the ‘dreamer’s dream’ and we have no choice on anything happening! We are just witnessing everything! (If I understood, there is no creation/manifestation here)

These two teachings seem contradictory and confusing to me. Could you please help me understand?



There are levels in Advaita:

Advaita level I:

The seeker is taught to look within and go beyond the world, body & mind. Seek beyond and find the witness.

P.S. [Level I witness teaching is devoid of the teaching of Karma].

Advaita level II: Please remember that Advaita level II has sub-levels. 

Sub-level I: 

The seeker is taught to recognize that whatever he sees arises and falls with the witness thus the projection of the world is a personal projection. Thus he must stop blaming the world and see that whatever is happening is happening because of his own Karmic projection.

P.S. This has been covered by Ramana Maharshi in the ‘Guru’ session [Level II witness teaching plus Level I Karma teaching].

    • Sankalpa – [Inclination/attraction]
    • Kaama – [Lusting ceaselessly]
    • Karma – [repetition/ memory]
    • Karma-phalam – [Manifestation]


Sub-level II: 

After the seeker completes the Guru session, he moves onto ‘Saint Kabir’s teachings on Advaita II’ which include teachings on Death & Love & Vishishtha Advaita.
At this higher sub-level, he is shown that it is actually the dreamer’s dream, he is simply the knower, knowing is his only possibility. Doing and experiencing do not belong to him-the-witness [dreamer]. So he is free from Karma & Karmaphalam.

Once he relaxes from guilt, self-blame, a sense of relief from suffering starts prevailing in intervals between habit patterns of self-blame.
In the moments of relief, he learns to grasp glimpses of Advaita level III knowledge because experiential recognition is enabled by a calm and quieter mind only. Only such quieter minds are invited to the Advaita level III.

Advaita level III:

In ‘I AM THAT’ & ‘Atma Nirvriti’ knowledge sessions, the seeker is encouraged to examine closely and recognize that the body-mind function like an automatic program, and I-the-witness need not interfere. When I-the-witness interfere, there is a false story of Karma & Karmaphalam. When I-the-witness rest, there is no Karma, no Karmaphalam.


Hope the structure of Advaita is clear dear. It attempts to start where the seeker is and pull him up towards the higher knowledge. As the seeker is at the strong belief of Cause-Effect [Karma-Karmaphalam], that is where the Advaitin teacher must start and slowly bring him to no Karma, no Karmaphalam.

Next Steps:

Keep walking, you are naturally moving higher, now discard the theory of cause-effect and see that you the dreamer can only witness the dream, you cannot act, you cannot think, you cannot even experience. When you complete the Saint Kabir’s sessions on Love, Death & Vishishtha Advaita, you are eligible to apply for Advaita level III personal mentoring sessions. Remember, Advaita Vedanta is not faith-based, it is based on direct experiential recognitions that happen naturally through the different levels of spiritual maturity. As we do not know or understand by ourselves how spiritually mature we are, the personal mentoring sessions are advised so that wrong beliefs and conditionings can be shed and higher spiritual intelligence can reveal itself. See you in Advaita III soon dear.

Keep walking! I am right by your side!


#AdvaitaVedanta #Non-Duality

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  1. Hemant

    Gratitude for the clarity

  2. Nehal Shah

    Beautiful question and again very good explanation by Ektaji.

    This question is coming from deep knowledge of different gnyana yoga sessions. Guyana yogis are hard-core intellectuals. They acquire knowledge of scriptures and then apply this to their spiritual progress. They have to study encyclopedias worth of information. And then there will be parsing, slicing and dicing of knowledge. And reconciling of contradictions.


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