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Choices – what is right and wrong?

by | Sep 26, 2021 | Choice, Choicelessness, Flow with Life, Freedom, Independent Spirituality, Mind, Viveka


Is applying viveka, a kind of seeking? Because choosing/deciding right from wrong is so relative to this mind?



Actually Viveka is deeper than just plain discrimination between right and wrong. Viveka is the ability to help maintain an absolutely clean and pure consciousness within. When you do something which could leave you feeling unclean inside [hatred, jealousy, anger, sadness, obsession, feverishness, want, not want etc], your Viveka pinches you from within to warn you to change your direction. This is the power of Viveka. It is not just the external right or wrong decision/action, it is the purity of your inside.

So in reality, there is only one reasonable choice i.e. going with the flow. There is no other choice to make. Because going with the flow helps you keep your consciousness clean and sparkling.

If you understand this clearly, then you will understand that there is no relativity here at all. It is the same for everyone at all times. 🙂 In reality, there is no choice to make at all – Choicelessness is freedom! Got it?

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    Wonderful 🙂


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